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Yes, but that is your personal opinion and I'm hoping Blizzard allows it for those who like seeing more personalized creativity than seriousness.
09/19/2011 05:50 PMPosted by Kaivax
• Weapons must be the same weapon type (exceptions: Guns, Crossbows, or Bows)

Really, really dissapointed with this. Like...seriously. This was one of the things I was hoping for, to finally be able to get rid of all the horrible axes and maces and make them look like nice, sleek, agile swords and daggers. Also to get polearms on strength characters. *le sigh* Oh well...
Please allow us to transmog our gear into whites and greys too.

That's all I want.
So... are all the rules posted in the earlier portions of this thread still up to date and accurate with what's currently intended to go live? I've heard some unhappy rumors, but no official confirmation.
Ah, I've been looking forward to something like this!

I've been away from WoW for quite some time, and honestly... there's so many changes that I've been suggesting for years coming into fruition after all this time at once. It's hard to keep up.

The only thing I don't understand is the "Cloth for Cloth" and etc.

Heck, the page even notes how sexy Black Mageweave is, but those who don't primarily use cloth won't be able to transmogrify their... wait... hold up a sec. Transmogrify is a real word? I just finished typing it and... whoa, my mind is blown.


....It seems a bit.... intense of a feature when the solution to what players have wanted is much easier. An "appearance" tab that shows the clothes you appear as.... and the regular items that are for your stats.

Unless, for some reason, Blizzard has some silly, "But that's too easy! People have to wear the items! And if they want to look different, they need to go through a complex process of spending gold and changing ACTUAL items to look like something else one by one!"

The value of what armor sets end up looking like is already lost... I don't really see why this transmogrification thing needs to exist.

Just add another tab page, let us drag items in, and we'll be happy.
I have been on the ptr but I have not messed around with transmog too much and I just reinstalled my computer so I do not have the game client at the moment. When I transmog, does it transmog to an item or a slot, example is I transmog my raid gear too another tier, then I switch to my pvp set, does it appear that I am in my pvp set or does appear I am in my raid set? Also, how much does it cost to transmog? Also, can I turn transmog on or off using settings so that I can look between 2 sets? Also if I place an item into void storage and another item is transmogrified into that, does that item lose its appearance?
11/15/2011 11:10 AMPosted by Kaivax
I really, honestly want to see a tank wielding a fish in a heated battle.

In a not-so-heated battle, you'd like to see the tank wielding a?.....

Steak, clearly. Medium-rare, please.
I like the whole concept of transmogrification. The rules are reasonable and all, but about the no legendaries restriction, Could someone explain why the pally in the transmogrification picture wearing the Judgement set has Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros?
09/19/2011 05:50 PMPosted by Kaivax
Legendary items cannot be used to transmogrify.

Why??? I mean, people actually put the effort needed in those items, even the warglaives
(that are basicly drop)
And now that they wanna simply extent their rewards, blizzard simply strips that away from them...kinda not fair
Please allow us to transmog our gear into whites and greys too.

That's all I want.

This would make my black outfit on my hunter perfect, as the only pair of black pants that match 100% are white quality.
Can we please make an exception and let us transmog our guild cloaks.

Shroud of Cooperation

Wrap of Unity

These cloaks should be at the top of the list of things that are usable. It would allow us to really customize our characters and show off our guild colors. This is especially true for those of us that play caster characters; Many of us do not like the funky look of the tabards in conjunction with robes.

So please rethink this position. Time is running out!
I like the whole concept of transmogrification. The rules are reasonable and all, but about the no legendaries restriction, Could someone explain why the pally in the transmogrification picture wearing the Judgement set has Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros?
I think one a hammer drops in FL with a similar, if not same model.
Aw, Sandrene's vest is ineligible. That's too bad. I'd wanted to put it on this rogue's chest so she could show off her swashbuckler's shirt. I can see why it'd be off limits, though. I think it's fair. Can't have a bunch of rogues running around topless in Orgrimmar or Goldshire, now can we?

We already do!

Oh god...the memories...


11/15/2011 11:07 AMPosted by Lockyfuzzles
I really, honestly want to see a tank wielding a fish in a heated battle.

Heh...I can see it now:

Archimonde/Deathwing/insert-boss-of-your-choice-here: BWAHAHAAHAHAH! FEAR ME MORTALS!
*Tank busts out a fish*
Raid Main Tank: come @ me, bro. come @ me.
It would be incredibly nice to see the enchants able to be transmogged over. Enchants nowadays look hideous and way too flashy and overdone. I think a majority of people would like to be able to transmog a plain or subtly enchanted (berserking over it instead of landslide) weapon onto theirs to cover up these ugly enchants ._.
This has probably been asked a thousand times after the first billion times it was asked but here it goes:

May we, the caster classes able to wield a sword, have a pvp weapon available to us that is a sword so that we can transmogrify (errm, The Tempest of Chaos (The most unholy of all that is evil (The most perfect (Most awesome sword in the game)))) with swords that we have been collecting? Mages and Warlocks typically use swords over staves and our drops have been geared as such over the past few years for best in-slot.

Something with the same stats as the pvp caster dagger, but you don't have to use one iota of work on design, make it a stick for all I care, we can take care of that with something else. I don't know what that would be, what I could possibly use, but I'm sure we'll come up with something. The BloodMaw Magus-Blade maybe.... Heck, I can't think of anything else atm for some reason.

Edit: I was so excited that I forgot two things! :(

Please and Thank you!
currently the lvl 60 pvp sets can't be mogged

plz change this.
I agree with this, I have a neat setup saved with the Cowl of the Illidari High Lord saved, I'm so red and pointy with it on!
currently the lvl 60 pvp sets can't be mogged

plz change this.

What? Really? I was looking forward to using those :(
09/19/2011 10:47 PMPosted by Kaivax
2. It seems to me like the incredible effort that I've gone through to obtain a legendary years ago is diminished if I join a raid and find myself standing around with 24 others who obtained that same legendary a few days ago (and put in much less effort doing so). Nowadays, I'm proud to brandish my legendary anywhere that I find myself not fighting endgame enemies. I don't want to trade away how cool that is, and only get in return... a raid where everyone else appears to be wielding the same thing as me.

This point has been argued into the ground by now I'm sure, but I'll throw my hat (helm?) in with the rest of the pro-Legendary supporters and plead my case here as it seems most appropriate. As of this writing, the front page of this thread has yet to update so I'm assuming that the given rules as stated still stand in whole and as such Legendary weapons cannot, in any way, be transmogrified. In case it wasn't abundantly clear, I wish to contest this rule.

Your opinion Kaivax, and I take it solely as thus, is that if made viable for transmogrification, the no doubt considerable effort you yourself, and many others like you, put forward to acquire your Legendary weapons would be "diminished" and I wholeheartedly disagree. Transmogrification has not and cannot make the arduous, often tedious, process of Legendary acquisition any easier by any means, rather it is the ability to over level and out gear old content that has trivialized the process. Many have made similar arguments in favor of this frivolous rule against Legendary transmogrification, and to them I say: Congratulations! Earnestly. The effort you've put forth to acquire such weapons while still statistically competitive is no small feat, and I tip my proverbial hat to you, but I must also ask, are the feats of patience, skill, and most of all perseverance on behalf of those who procured such weaponry "after the fact" so worthless, or even diminished themselves, because they were not part of the top percent way back when?

If such is the case, and those who have legitimately acquired Legendary weapons post-content are not as entitled to them as those who acquired them during content then why are such weapons even still present in the game? The only practical purpose Legendaries ultimately serve at present are as glorified trophies. Why does it matter who procures them, or how for that matter, so long as it is done just and fairly? Do you truly mean, and please clarify if I am indeed mistaken, that you would rather hold on to your functionally useless, vainglorious polygons out of some misbegotten sense of virtual pride than allow everyone, yourself included, the opportunity to brandish these truly unique Legendary weapons once more? Is that not the complete counter point to the whole transmogrification system?

Even now, Legendary weapons still require a considerable investment of time and no small amount of effort. Should the ruling be reversed and such transmogrifications allowed one would over time certainly see a rise in the percentage of players wielding such weapons, but such a situation as an entire raid Legendarily equipped, even if an embellished example, is phenomenally unlikely at best and all but practically impossible at worst. Such weapons still require weeks of grinding old raids and most require further still the aid of companions, who either must be selfless enough to aid one with little to no practical gain on their own part or worse, run the risk of competing with one over the necessary resources. They simply cannot be acquired quickly, short of extraordinary, and even then inordinately reliable luck.

Regardless of probability, transmogrification at present allows nearly every weapon, within fairly lax restrictions, to look potentially the same. Where is the contention regarding the possibility of everyone who can wield a sword to potentially wield the same sword? Or axe? Mace? Staff? Gun/bow/crossbow? Why should not the same excuses levied at Legendary transmogrification also apply to old tier sets? Or for that matter, all but everything which isn't still current? Transmogrification exists for the very purpose of revisiting old content and reusing old otherwise unwanted gear for the purposes of character customization. Unless there is a mechanical reason why Legendary weapons cannot be properly transmogrified, and there should not be as they conform to standard weapon types, then the arguments in favor of the persistent ban of such weapons from the system stand as invalid and unjustified.

I, and so many others, can see no practical reason why as to disallow Legendary transmogrification. These are items that so many, now, then, whenever, have put so much time and effort into acquiring and that often mean a great deal to those who have procured them that not allowing their inclusion into this new tentative system seems like a gross misuse of it's potential. We will soon have access to nearly 99% of World of Warcraft's armory backlog, restricted predominately by armor and weapon type, all of which must be worked for in some way to some extent. Why can we not use that which we have worked hardest to achieve?

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