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I was hoping to be able to include leather pieces in my transmog set D: WTB mail eyepatch.
The 1Hers can't be made to look like MHers rule is stupid. So many awesome caster swords and tanks can't equip them, despite the item being used in their main hand.

I know there isn't a blue reading this anymore, but that really needs to go. It's an unnecessary restriction. There's nothing silly about using a MH in your OH, especially since so many MH weapons share graphics with already existing 1Hers.
so what about were items sit? like one handed swords that sheath to your back? if we had an option of being able to sheath weapons were we want i think it would make more of the whole individual player vanity. i personally like walking around seeing everyone look different
NOO! I can't be able to transmogrify Mirren's Drinking Hat with Stylin' Adventure Hat.

To bad I already deleted all my cool stuff at level 60, 70 and 80 becasue my bank was full of epics.
Will dual weapon classes need to obtain two of the weapon that they want to transmogrify both existing weapons to the same model? To rephrase, will an item only be able to be transmogrified to once at a time?
Or will both weapons be able to be transmogrified to the same weapon?
im shure it would be up to the design team but i was looking at a number of cloth head peices that would work so wounderully for my pally transmog set. I was really hoping to go for the arthas look with the cloth hood, is there anyway headpeices will become an exception to your rule. i think that could add alot of really kewl possibilites without making a plate weares ect look not its class. ex. thall look, ect, and there are verry few hood type itens for palte and mail. just a thought.
I hope in the future blizzard ties transmog. to animation bank and not type. This means daggers to daggers, one handed maces/axes/swords together, same for 2 hand weapons, staves and polearms, so on and so on. Basically look at what weapons cause you to perform a certain animation and tie all those together.

I would love to transmog my shannox axe to Armageddon, and doing so would not change how my character does anything, include attack, run and sheath his weapon. Think the analogue to the hunter options.
I just want to make sure i have this right.

I loot a 2h mace on my dk but cant stand how it looks, and if i wish to change the looks it has to be another mace? i cant say use a 2h sword which i have always enjoyed the look of more?

coulndt agree more
I just want to make sure i have this right.

I loot a 2h mace on my dk but cant stand how it looks, and if i wish to change the looks it has to be another mace? i cant say use a 2h sword which i have always enjoyed the look of more?

coulndt agree more

11/01/2011 07:01 PMPosted by Sythix
In the future can we expect to see helmets able to be transmoged to any armor type? Such as eye patches or masks for plate wearers?

can we petition this? i tottally agree
!@#$ this %^-* i wanna transmo a sword...MAKE CASTER SWORDS!
I think that the restrictions are mostly to prevent something that, in reality, would ease itself out fairly quick.

Imagine no restrictions.

It would be kinda fun watching the tank fight wearing a loincloth, a chef's hat and wielding a fish.

But after a few weeks, the novelty would wear off and people would (for the most part) stop the silliness and use transmog as intended.

I wish that they would allow the silliness, though. It would put a bit of fun back in where sometimes it seems to be missing.

I do think that the cloth-to-cloth, leather-to-leather, etc restriction should be loosened just a little to allow you to transmog any item you can equip, say a leather item for me to look like a cloth item that I could equip. This would be good for the prate wanna-be's out there, just go to VC and grab a Corsair's Overshirt.

But hey, that's just my 2 copper.
From what I'm reading here so far...the set I planned will work. *prays that casters keep getting lots of one-handed swords in the future, because Soulbreaker was the only damn weapon in the game that perfectly matched*
Okay, this one I haven't found the answer to. What about, say, a Death Knight (such as myself) wearing T1 Warrior set (transmogrify)? That is definitely something I'd like to see, because there is no vanilla DK stuff (or BC, of course).

Thanks in advance for your reply!
There is a mail eyepatch. Or there used to be anyway. Its a blue item from somewhere in BC
Something that has annoyed me since Burning Crusade first came out was seeing all the NPC paladins wearing their uniforms and I looked forward to wearing a "proper" uniform. Then, I reach level 50-60, find that "Blood Knight" gear and it's MAIL. Paladins wear PLATE. So, all the Blood Elf Paladin Elites are wearing MAIL?

So, if you aren't going to allow us to transfer a mail look to a plate look, could you please make a copyable plate version on the vendor for older looks (I heard that was happening?) for those of us who want to LOOK like we belong in the Blood Knights?

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