Firelands Raid Hotfixes Sept. 20

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I'm curious, blizz has/will nerfed/be nerfing firelands normal and heroic so that more casual guilds can progress further. Now then, blizz is NERFING Heroic Firelands. Heroic. Cheers to progression(sarcasm, cause I personally would like to try and progress heroics w/o nerf) but what about BWD, ToT4W, and BOT heroic. Those Heroic raids remain unchanged. Completely unaffected. Why is this?
Come to think of it, after reading some of the other posts, Like the buff in ICC that people can remove if they wanted, why not implement something that will make all bosses and trash within a raid instance return to their normal stats? Again like the buff in ICC, especially in a PUG, you always have that one person who purposely or accidentally removes the buff. That's something that inherently makes your raid group stronger. So why not have something that will "accidentally" make all bosses and trash in that instance stronger? Like a "Do Not Touch or !@#$ Will Kill You" essentially returning the raid to the way it was pre-nerf. You guys think you can somehow manage to give players that option?
"Alysrazor’s Fiery Tornados move slower."

I can't wait to watch people accidentally run through the tornado they've gotten accustomed to chasing.


You're not the only one, dear.

I rear-ended my tornado today too.
I figured it'd be slower, not 20mph on interstate freeway slower.
09/20/2011 05:30 PMPosted by Kaivax
I don't suppose a Blue could clarify why these nerfs are being done all at once instead of over several weeks like it was implied by another Blue? Now I'm feeling a little disappointed with the nerfs.

Today's hotfixes were applied today.

I find your sarcastic contempt for a subscriber with a reasonable question troubling being that you are after all a CM.

I thing it would've been better if you had not answered this question than give an answer to a question that was not asked.
This just seems like a big kick in the face to me.

Im in a casual guild and we eventually have cleared most content in previous expansions. It takes time cause we have different people raiding each week, taking there time to gear up. Like now we just downed Beth a couple weeks ago and Baelroc last week...with majo domo sure to be down this week. But alas, the content has been nerfed to the point where its....lets do it to see the graphics.

I remember downing Cho'gal and getting 3 to 4 adds and a bunch of slimes.......that was difficult to deal with but we did it and were very satisfied with the kill. Once you nerfed it, we did it again. This time it was with 1 or 2 adds and just a few slimes. It was a completely different fight.......actually just a waste of time......or part of the grind to get gear for firelands i guess. We stopped running it except for some alt runs. Wholely disappointing.

Firelands comes out. You give us a grind of dailies to do to acquire gear. It takes about a month if you do them all everyday. You also give new gear through valor points...another grind in za/zg. This takes about 4 weeks to get 2 set pieces. Several more to get all the available upgrades. So if you did the grind, which i did, that leaves me with just a couple weeks to clear regular and heroic firelands. What a colossal waste of time that was.

I can tell you what you have done to this casual raiders mindset. Dont bother doing the grinds, cause there wont be much time to see normal content before it becomes "clear it for achievements and visual effects". Grinding isnt fun if there isnt some enjoyment at the end of it. You took that away from me.

Ive been playing for over 5 years and never been as disappointed as i am right now. You have essentialy taken the game away from me with this new direction you have moved. Not allowing casual players to see content before it is nerfed pretty much makes playing the game pointless Im going to finish up my game card doing this nerfed content cause there is nothing else to do. Once my card is finished i wont be renewing it because in not playing to just do a grind thats boring...... and then miss all the pre nerf content. Nor am i allowing you to force me into a hardcore guild to see the content.

Im very sad this week cause casuals are what drives this game. Without them this game wouldnt have suruvived.
09/20/2011 07:41 PMPosted by Arianenna
Really? Is this REALLY what you wanted Blizzard?

09/21/2011 12:40 AMPosted by Schwarzwáld
Like the buff in ICC that people can remove if they wanted, why not implement something that will make all bosses and trash within a raid instance return to their normal stats?

That would of been a better approach in my opinion
It seems bizarre that Blizzard continues to nerf the game for reasons only they know after telling us they are going to do it "gradually".

This isn't the first time they've waffled - it seems that one person doesn't know what another person or DEV is doing, saying and releasing.

Stop the inconsistency Blizzard.
Do people actually enjoy it when interesting and challenging content becomes laughable this quickly? My guild was 1/7 heroic before today, and went 4/7hm in a night, with 2 more to drop tonight in all likelihood. Just seems...deflating in a way.
Our raid team 1-shot domo and alice last night. We had a couple guys that had finished the fight on their mains pre-nerf. We sat around laughing in vent because I spent a good 5 minutes trying to explain the importance of interrupts to a new warrior on alice, and all the orbs/seeds mechanics to everyone on domo.

We needed not one single interrupt on fieroblast because everything died too fast. We had worms up constantly. We had no trouble killing alice, with 2 people dying because they now ran INTO tornados, and we cleared her with no trouble, our healers twiddling their thumbs.

Same for domo. Explaining seeds/orbs to everyone wasn't even needed, because seeds caused no concern for our healers, and we never even saw orbs we had him down so fast.

Blizz, I can understand wanting more people to see raid content and have stuff to do. Keep that version in LFR. Don't make the rest of the game a joke, because we laughed at how bad we could play and still down everything.

Nerf bat swung way too hard here blizz. Might want to lighten up next time and I dunno...make actual gradual changes instead of this again. We thought you learned how to make raid content fun and challenging with Ulduar, did you fire all those guys?
09/20/2011 07:39 PMPosted by Legendaîry

Today's hotfixes were applied today.

Um... Thanks? lol

My question was why the nerf was done all at once instead of over time like that wording came across in the original announcement.

Maybe theres more nerfs to come..... Maybe it wasn't done all at once. Just a thought............. Maybe I'm thinking outside the box on this.
Dear blizzard.

Thank you for not allowing the causal hardcore guild to live in our glory before you nerf everything to high hell!

Thanks again
your friendly gnome

Dear Ndo,
Stop trying to believe there is some "glory" in a pixelated game.
Your friendly human
P.S: Stop flipping burgers and get a life.

Why would people that are 7/7 HM complain about nerfs to content no longer relevant to them?

It's the people who are working on content they're enjoying, which has just been nerfed considerably to be subjectively less enjoyable, that are doing the complaining.

And it's the people who were only doing pugs that were struggling to kill shannox for the last 3 months that are counter complaining.

This is just Blizzard trying something different. There were a lot of people complaining about how they made t11 more pug friendly, but not until it was outdated content. This time they're going to give that crowd a couple of months on it and see how it pans out for the community.


We are not a fast progression guild. We were making good progress for our server and now I feel cheated. We only had a couple of nights work on Staghelm and had him below 50%, last night we just tore right through him. It didn't even feel like a challenge. We 9manned Alysrazor when a new DPS died to tornadoes. We then lost a healer and still had little problem killing her.

I was hoping they would do something like they did for ICC and just give us 5% more damage, health buff. Or, nerf 1 boss a week starting with Shannox so we would have had more time to do things as they were intended.

So, we will do Ragnaros this week and then we will be stuck doing T11 content for way too many days in a raid week.
09/21/2011 04:22 AMPosted by Saichotick
Nerf bat swung way too hard here blizz.

This. Last night's raid was not only anticlimactic, it was a little boring at times. We downed Staghelm with a virgin healer in partial pvp gear. Rag was a punching bag.

Oh, well. At least the pvp healer got lots of pve gear thrown at him.

Should be interesting to see what the nerfs will do for my team.

However, there was no need to nerf Heroics. I understand, and appreciate making normal content more accessible, but no one should have the expectation that they deserve to be able to kill Rag in Heroic mode.
My guilds group 3 which I'm in on my main (forgot authenticator to log in -.-) was struggling before the nerf we had downed shan,beth,ryn, and balrock but was getting stumped on aly. So last night we were missing most of our group 3 so we used a hunter that had never been to firelands, 3 main raiders from group 3 and the rest were alts... we 1 shot every boss except stag and aly. We took 2 attempts on them. In the end we called it at rag and we are going back on Thursday. Don't get me wrong it was nice to progress through this but it was like mind numbingly simple when we were fighting. There were times when I was steering ryoltith that we just had to stop attacking and watch for quite some time so he will not do 360s in the group.

love downing bosses but maybe it should have been a incremental increase like it was with wrath.
OK blizzard...prepare for my rant...

If it was not bad enough that I have been raiding FL non stop since the beginning of 4.2 and have yet to see a 2her str weapon drop...on ANY toon(I have alts that I run FL with as well)...and have been force to play smf when I prefer TG...

But now...after last night...Firelands isn't even any fun...My guild literally killed Alyzrazor in ~2 mins last night...I spent 60 secs of that hanging out on the bottom doing nothing because EVERY ADD WAS ALREADY DEAD. We had beth down to 20-30% before she dropped...we had 3 dps going up top. Most fights are finished in under 3-4 mins...after initial trash you can pretty much down the whole place in under an hour if not half an hour

I tell you what blizz...get one 2her str weapon to drop next week...and I will think about not unsubscribing...

To any of you saying / need to either A. learn to play so you can beat the bosses that aren't on super easy mode...or B. unsubscribe...your taking up raid spots for people that actually know what to do and how to play their class

I'm sorry...I've been VERY happy with some of blizzards choices with this game...but's just to have dumbed this game down so a 5 year old can play(my ex girlfriends son who is 8 can play better then most players I meet in this game).

If you keep down this path blizz I will definitely unsubscribe.
The nerfs ended up being quite disappointing. On H Beth, we messed up, had her eat a spiderling, and she still died before our last 2 rounds of cooldowns were even used (and we moved them up a round due to comp anyway!). The biggest source of entertainment during the fight was not the fight itself, but how much of a mockery of its former self the nerf made it. On Alysrazor, we had 5 seconds with nothing up in the ground phase before every single firestorm, and people were reporting nearly running into the backs of tornadoes. Shannox was easy before, just felt a little quicker to fall over.

It just feels sad more than anything. The fights are faceroll not because our skill and gear progressed, but because the nerf bat levelled up.
Dear blizzard.

Thank you for not allowing the causal hardcore guild to live in our glory before you nerf everything to high hell!

Thanks again
your friendly gnome

Dear Ndo,
Stop trying to believe there is some "glory" in a pixelated game.
Your friendly human
P.S: Stop flipping burgers and get a life.

Why would you be entitled an opinion in this thread when you haven't ever downed a single FL boss, and know nothing about the difference between pre and post nerf of FL?

Oh, btw, it's HAOHmaru. Not Hoahmaru.

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