Firelands Raid Hotfixes Sept. 20

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We were 4/7HM before the nerfs, downed Baleroc and Beth last night (first time fighting them). I didn't enjoy at all the achievements. I'm really sorry to tell you but... you killed 85% of this heroic tier.
funny how the original post had said over the next few weeks nerfs will happen, and BOOM massive nerf.... so... is that it or should we expect to walk into the raid and insta win in the coming weeks?

edit: also.. if your gonna nerf things so much... why not fix the achievements? >_> 10m heroic Rag is way easier than 25m... but share 'realm firsts' ...
Healing is most definately a joke now, where once I was using regrowths and HT profusely. Now its mostly just to burn mana. My over healing on beth just made me disgusted and I still had so much mana left. Then look at bale and on crystal phase I just bombed regrowth to get stacks up and LB and nourish spammed the tank and only dropped an HT after that one big hit.

Honestly so many of the three heal fights are now two to one heal fights, it just shows how over the top the nerfs was.

Maybe Ill get a rag kill sometime this week and heroic shannox will start being common among PuGs. Other than that one boss I wonder if PuGs will start doing any other bosses on heroic, otherwise Ill have to find a guild to run with in order to find content that doesnt put me to sleep. I was enjoying doing current raids in PuGs =/
ok this was the hardest raid of all time and they make this easy now but we have to expect tht the 4.3 content will be 5x harder than all instances and raids
How long should blizz wait?
Till you guild is done with the heroics? And what timeline is that? Your timeline?

I'd say they should wait until the next patch comes out.

All I can see coming from this is a lot of people unsubbing until 4.3.

Walking through firelands is about as easy as the Zandalar's right now.
Sorry to see the nerfs, really enjoy the challenge. For me, at least, with RL looming, they come too fast!
The nerfs went beyond what was needed. A lot of the normal fights we did this week, I sat around bored with nothing to do. We didn't get orbs on Domo, healing the spider boss was a joke, I had full mana the entire fight, and sometimes, I hit the tornado on the bird boss because I'm so used to them being much faster. There's no need for 3 healers on any of the fights save maybe Rag. A lot of us thought it would be like the ICC one, a buff over time that would grow over time or we had a choice to make the fights harder if we wanted to.

The RNG hates us though, about 80% of the gear that drops gets disenchanted.
Worst patch I have ever seen!

I understand making easy modes accessible to all players/pugs to allow everyone in the game to at least experience what the raids have to offer but why did you water down Heroics this much? I saw groups that couldn't down Rag on a regular basis go 5 of 7 HM in 4 days.

That's not a nerf that's just stupid.

Now I have nothing to look forward to until the next patch.

grr i hate nerfs! now when you get good progression, people will use the excuse "Its nerfed, who cares" NO!!!
i wish to ask about a pvp food buff that must be added IN BGS more resilience, opposing faction flesh cooked and eated while seated adds reslience buff,maybe get an archeology skill up over time effect too,horde can eat alliance flesh for health ???why cant allie get a reslience buff for eating 10 seconds ???
Why couldn't Blizzard just introduce the LFR tool (and for both 10 and 25-man) instead of gutting both Normal and Heroic Firelands? That adds in a third, easier, difficulty that will let players see the content and the best part is that it keeps everyone happy.

I'm all for allowing players of every quality to see content, hell, I never stepped foot in Naxx (40) or AQ (40) back in Classic. I never once raided Sunwell in BC. So I know what it's like to not get the chance to experience content. With that said, there is a compromise that doesn't spit in the faces of other raiders out there and Blizzard already has it in the works (the LFR system).

If this is going to become the standard for Blizzard, gutting content while it is relevant to allow broader access, then I think this will be my last expansion. And sadly, Blizzard has already stated they have every intention of nerfing the new raid in 4.3.
The heroic nerfs were too much too soon. My guild went from 2/7 heroic, to 6/7 heroic breezing through the bosses as if they were normal mode. We are a fairly casual guild raiding only 4-5 hours a week and we're already at heroic rag. I can't imagine how bored the good guilds must be right now.

I have no issues with normal mode nerfs, but in the future Blizzard should really keep heroic content hard until at least the next tier of content.
WTF! stop making stupid nerfs there are people who worked a lot to complete the progress and now you come and make all this easyer.. My question is why your nerfing, wow is becoming an easy game it wasnt like this before lk your transforming this game into !@#$..
This Thread needs less Whine
I'm in a Guild thats about as average as it gets. Friends and such, we play the game for enjoyment not frustration. I see so many players who get on and complain about nerfs and such. We have not downed Rag yet and still have a some wipes on other bosses. Everyone who wants to have harder content turn off your add ons dont use your macros. Some of us have limited time on the server as family, school and work take priorty. We cannot spend 20-30 hours a week online and we want to experience the content and story before the next patch is out and we have half the guildies not having a chance to complete the story line. I like the game but geez how many months should it take.....

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