Complete Paladin Transmogrifier Gear Guide

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If it has not been done so already, i'd like to add Rising Tide to the one hand axes, and Flame Wrath to the Polearms For Flame Wrath Rising Tide
I find it reaaaaly stupid that the 60 pvp sets cannot be mogged unless you have the FoS, and my main happens to have the FoS needed to mog them. =\
Is there a difference between the red & purple judgement armor?

Stats on the actuall armor and color. Thats about it.

And unless your a draenei RED>Purple.

You know its true.

aye the red is better <3, do they both drop in bwl?
Hello guys. Miss me?
Ahhh thanks for posting that Elsaver. Think I'll stick with my Marshall set though for pvp.

I'd almost be ok with having the feat of strength be account wide for all toons maybe if you got it back in the day on another toon.

All i know is it was a hell of a lot harder getting pvp ranks as a paladin back in the day then it was for some other classes, ie rogue, lock, etc. Seal of Command bugging out all the time was friggin annoying, no finishers, and i swear that damn mushroom vendor at TM was suicidal and got me a bunch of dhk's.
The purple is a dungeon set. t0.5 i think?. Normal T2 is BWL, MC for legs, and Ony had the helm i think. Though some other t2 did originally drop in MC in addition to T1 for awhile.
Cheers DJ. Once Season 11 begins I will make my start.
12/03/2011 09:16 PMPosted by Elsaverchris
Hello guys. Miss me?

Yes and could you plz do some up dates such as the community sets.

Like Call of the Phoenix set needing a Feat of Strength to use the shoulders. Also can you plz add in these set as they are available in game.

The Light's Avenger

Alliance version(blue) hordies can still wear it tho.;12602:29156;30897:32243

Horde version(red) Alliance can still wear this too.;29165:12602;33911:33909

I changed the belt to Girdle of Uther I saw Gilley from fenris using it with his lightbringer set and it matches up so nicely I had to use it.
The two hander for the Alliance set is just a place holder, I'd like to use Grand Marshal's Claymore But because it requires an FoS I can't, which really sucks because it when awesomely with the set and I can't fine anything else that I think matches up with the set.
I also changed the horde sets two hander to Felsteel Reaper as the other axe suffers from needing the FoS. Besides this one I think looks better.

One last thing you can change the name if you like.

Will do, I am finishing my finals and will have free time after Monday. But feel free to consolidate as much information for me since I am about 7 pages behind; and about 2 months behind on information.
12/03/2011 05:24 PMPosted by Ðj
Hello guys. Miss me?


The seconded one is the replica set they'll make, sure it'll look the same, but just like with all replicas it'll be a stupid colour. Meaning the set I came up with is now null and void, because the shoulder colour won't match the rest of the gear.The only way it could work is if they colour it red, then I could use the tier 1 lookalike dungeon set. Of course it would all be red n purple, rather than Gold n White.

Just so people are aware that they are NOT making new copies available to everyone. The replicas they are talking about will simply be the items that can be bought now renamed to "Replica of".

oh and welcome back dj :)
12/04/2011 01:02 PMPosted by Celyndrashad
Hello guys. Miss me?



So for my fellow Blood Knights that are depressed because of the pvp xmog nonsense I've been trying to get another set that looks.... Blood knight'ish ... no luck (IMO) so I gave up and started playing with the new plate and I think I got a winner.;72843:72864:76154:72807:72817:72879:4333:51010:50794;72842:72861:72815:72800:72819:72818:72803:4333:51869

All these really look like they need a tabbard. Ill be using my epic guild tabard cause its purple and looks cool, I'm just a few pieces short of completing it so you can see some of it over there <------

I have linked all 3 sets (purple/red, blue, and green) but the blue set is missing gloves. I cannot find them on WoWhead. if anyone knows if they exists that would be great.

Green set needs a shield. There may be a better sword for purple but Greatsword of Horrid something is main hand so doesn't work for tanking weps.(but looks BA)

Name suggestion: Draconic King
I'd like to add one...
Very happy with my results :)
I'm always very sad to see this thread not stickied!

Also, WTB more scarlet crusaders!
this is worthy of a sticky imo

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