Complete Paladin Transmogrifier Gear Guide

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I'm like 95% complete with my set.
12/13/2011 03:49 AMPosted by Sartor
I'm like 95% complete with my set.

nice set. Love that not everyone is gearing up into the biggest set of armor possible :)
Bump very complete list thank.
What sword is the best match for the blunt-tipped swords used by the guards (the ones on the glass bridge up to the fight with Azshara) in the Hour of Twilight dungeon? With the exception of the sword, I've got an almost prefect match for their shield and armor.


Bump for awesomeness
12/16/2011 07:10 AMPosted by Ùriel
Bump for awesomeness

also, im gonna be farming for T2 soon, and I'm wondering whether to use it as my PvP spec gear or my PvE spec gear.

I ONLY PvE as Prot

Also, what would be a good sword and shield/2H (depending on what I should use it for) to match the set.
I really dig the concept of the Scarlet Crusader. I am 90% complete with it but I made some tweaks to what was originally posted that I feel look better.;12610

I will most likely use the Runic Plate shoulders initially until I can get the ones that I have linked that drop from Yauj
bump to keep this up on the front page for anyone that may need it
Shields I love with Judgement set:

Pulsing Spellshield
Royal Crest of Lordaeron

And the sword I use:

The Sun Eater
Okay, maybe I'm just extremely blind, but how do we view them on the model viewer once we go to the comparison sheet?
The little downward pointing arrow is a drop down list.

Click the arrow and you'll see the option to view the model in 3D
Here is my final version of the Northern Scarlet Crusader :);12610

This will be the next set I work towards. Really sexy black gold look.

The first main grouping is the way I am going to ultimately configure it, the other items off to the side represent options that could be swapped in until the ultimate items are obtained.;12602:49821:32255;31819:32250;31180;30069;42275:37169

^very nice gear Northern

it saddens me that this isn't stickied >.>
Using modifications to the 'Devil's Ward' set (mainly because I'm still waiting for weapon/shield drops, so tired of Mount Hyjal!!!). I like it though. Also I subbed in some thorium boots for bloodforged because, well, bloodforged just ain't dropping and I'm sick of killing trash and checking AH.
Anyone know of any better boots or gauntlets then the ones i'm wearing? I don't like the look of these boots. It's a pain in the but to find anything red an black heh. :(

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