Complete Paladin Transmogrifier Gear Guide

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<~~~ Gundam
Should be the phone, most of the links work on my laptop
Anyone know of a good pair of boots to match Felsteel Leggings?
Anyone know of a good pair of boots to match Felsteel Leggings?

Maybe Glorious Sabatons?

This is the only one that matches with that pants colorwise, imo. Every other boots I've seen aren't close.
Ooh, thanks. Have to keep an eye on the AH for those. There was a pair of Exalted Sabatons on there a while back that looked good, but not for 5k. LOL
[quote="31955678328"]Jade Temptress
Helm: Needed
Shoulders: Needed
Chest: Jade Breastplate
Wrist: Jade Bracers
Hands: Jade Gauntlets
Waist: Jade Belt
Legs: Jade Legplates
Feet: Jade Greaves

By: Ðj
3D Model Viewer Link:

bile etched spaulders matches this set great.
Why cant I view these?;115277;7;109508;10;109506;5;109505;13;55906;14;54755;8;109504;19;48576;1;115341:10+0:0

I like this set, but I can't decide to show the goggles or not
Well, with the recent news on the PTR, it looks like we'l be able to use our Grand Marshal/High Warlord replica sets for transmog, provided the appropriate Rated Battleground rank is met.
The Untamed Blade is my weapon.
The level 70 old pvp weapon with a huge holy glow(awesome for paladins) but only shows in-game and best with particle density set to ultra. The current lvl 90 pvp honor holy pally belt that has a Libram attached to it(not shown in armory : \) With Judgement.
Not sure of a name for the set...but it's different.
Argent Crusade Transmogrify, Sexy, Sleek, Clean and Oldschool check my profile for lists of equipment. Sad to say hide cloak/helm for this one -_-

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