Complete Paladin Transmogrifier Gear Guide

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Can anyone suggest boots for me? Maybe Lightbringer?
Decided that I would post my favorite transmog here. I included a lot of weapons that can be swapped around, and an alternative belt if you want something that matches a little better than the PvP libram belt :D.

Not sure on a name, maybe Shattered Sun Crusader? I like to use the "of the Shattered Sun" title with it.;28375;34675:49303:50046:11684:28771:34699;50048:29993

Edit - If anyone knows of any 2h maces that would go well with this set, that would be awesome!
This post. Is the most impressive. Thing. Ever.

Excellent job, can't imagine the work put into this!
@Tsolake Nice set, I love the sword and color coordination!


Notice the set is almost the exact dwarf guard set, subtract one piece the shoulders.

only differances are-
The gold tone which is perfect considering i'm an Ironforge Pally

Shoulders and a SLIGHT different model but tone is perfect with the rest of my gear.

Gloves are also a SLIGHTLY modded model of the original Ironforge guard gauntlets(you can barely tell) they're the same ones just not as fat which I actually like better.

I must say it all went together awesomely, even the weapon fit the tone perfect.

To anyone having issues getting the links to work. Create a wowhead account, log into it, and then view the links. Then in the top row, look for the triangle with the tip pointing downward, click, and select "View in 3D."

I was also a little bemused trying to figure out why only a handful of links (the ones with #modelviewer in the querystring) were worth anything. Thanks to all who have posted links. This thread is amazing.
Bad news for anyone hoping for polearm to 2-hander transmogs:

Shame. :(
New race, new transmog. I'm not an RPer, but like things to make sense lore-wise without jumping through too many hoops (e.g., when I was a Blood Elf, I made sure to look like a Blood Knight and not a wannabe-human).

Mine is just the full Tier 5 set with matching boots and belt, Netherbane from Kara, and shield from Blacksmithing.

The set just BEGS to be worn by Draenei, and is such a refreshing sight when you see a Paladin in something other than Judgment / purple Judgment re-skin. That set just isn't impressive anymore due to being so common.
I approve of this thread.
get on my transmog
how do you like mine?
Red, gold, black dragon -

Blue, black dragon -
Can anyone suggest a polearm to match the Crystalforge set?
Those community Paladin transmogs made me cry. Most of them don't even match!
Went back and got that classic raid gear, I can surely say.... I'm already kind of sick of it
Tried to get as far from the goody-two shoes look that most people try for with Paladins as I could
Any thoughts on my new transmog I put on last night

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