Firelands patterns

So, think you could make them actually drop once in awhile? Perhaps put them on bosses with a much higher chance? I haven't seen a single one drop since day 1, and I really don't think the intent of the recipes was to have them be as rare as they are currently.
Our guild is in the same boat. We were at the tail end of the instance pre-nerf and post-nerf we're chewing away at Ragnaros and to date we've had NO pattern drop. We've seen a handful of epics... but no patterns.
Bump for justice and to save me from making the same post.

The drop rate for epics seems low, but right about where you'd expect. My raid group has had to use at least 1 fill in every week for the last few weeks So we kill an excessive ammount of trash every week just to get fill ins some extra rep. We end up with about 1 epic a week, sometimes 1 every 2 weeks.

But we haven't seen 1 single Firelands pattern. I mean, the things take drops from bosses. So you won't be pooping out epics from the pattern, and bracers can be picked up with VP. Are craft-able pieces with a normal FL ilvl suppose to be this insanely rare? At this rate my guild will have heroic bracers/boots before we are ever able to make any of these. Heck I don't believe anyone on my server has the patterns. Any of them.

Just seems ridiculous. I can't see why you even added them if only 0.005% of the population will ever see the patterns.
The first few days of firelands the patterns were absurdly common. You'd see 1-3 on a trash clear and they were quickly flooding the AH. Then the drop rate was hotfixed and they became super rare. I agree the fix was a bit extreme.

So, we should now prepare money for 4.3 recipes, assuming them BOE. But if not, gold is never a bad thing to hold
It took me a long time looking to get the boots made, I eventually had to go to the horde side after a month of looking on alliance side on my server.

WTG Blizz...same as the herb/mining nerfs once cata came out. It's like they never think anything through and way overboard nerf stuff.
OMG Bizz needs to do something, this is totally absurd. I need the crafted boots for the hit, we have yet to see the pattern drop and the crafted boots on the AH are up for 60-70k. I don't buy gold and I can't afford that. Between the limitations on making dreamcloth and being bop, the scarcity of the pattern and drop rate of the embers they have made the boots just about unobtainable for me. And don't even get me started on my poor tailor with the ridiculous amount of volatiles needed to make the cloth on top of the 1 week cd on them.
I agree. At least improve the drop rate on bosses so they can't be trash farmed.
We clear extra trash along with our boss kills every week and haven't seen a Pattern drop since August 16th. There was almost a month between that drop and the one before... and this was between two 10 man raids. We did luck out and get a good amount of them during the first two weeks the raid was out, but a couple of the people who got them no longer play, so we're stuck hawking in trade for someone with orbs and ridiculously rare patterns.

Kinda sucky to sit here and think if we'd only farmed trash instead of bosses we could have had a decent amount of patterns. =\ Adding them to boss loot tables would be completely awesome.
I was buying them for 5k and flipping for 15k when people were solo'ing the trash. Now I'm the fool because I'm still missing a few recipes from each profession and the completionist inside me will pay outrageous prices for them.

First week I bought 3 FL patterns for under 5k. Now they're over 10-15k. Still waiting to see the plate tanking boots on the AH.

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