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Long story short: my sister and I level together and we need an addon to let us see each other's current xp so we don't have to ask each other every 30 seconds.

I used to use an addon called LevelBuddy that does this, but it doesn't work for us anymore and is no longer being updated. (It throws up a Lua error when you try to add a friend to your share list.) I tried finding a replacement, but everything else I found was either not being updated or didn't work. We checked out WatchXP, FriendXP, and Broker_ExpShare but none of those worked for us (yes, we installed them correctly on both machines, but they didn't show xp properly). Has this function been disabled? If not, does anyone know of a working addon that does this?
I may consider making this for you. Would you want it to constantly display her XP somewhere on screen, updated every X seconds or would you prefer a slash command that grabs her current XP and then outputs it to your chat window?
If you would be willing to take the time to do that I would be very grateful. I would prefer something that displays her XP on the screen constantly. Ideally, just a text/icon on my xp bar that tells me what her xp is, but a small window would work as well.

Either way, thank you for taking the time to read and respond.
That's a little trickier, but it should be possible. I just need to brush up AddOn communication, I'll look into it a bit later.
Thank you again. :)
Actually sounds kind of handy and useful for RAF'd accounts.
I've just completed the first alpha build of this AddOn and am about to start testing.
Choonster- you must be the nicest person evar- making an addon upon request- <3
No arguments, here, Kantoumo. It's the sort of generosity that one doesn't expect to see.

Thank you, again, Choonster, for your time and trouble. It is very kind of you to help us out like this. I hope you'll put the addon up on Curse or the like when it is finished, as I'm sure there will be others who would find it useful.
I've got the GUI working, just having a few difficulties with the communication part. If all goes well it should be up and running soon.

Once it's done, I'll upload it to Curse and WoW Interface.
If Choonster's addon doesn't pan out, you can give this one a try.

Here is a screenshot, it's the bar at the top and the thing on the left side.

It's set to send to online friends and to party members every 45 seconds or whenever you gain xp or rest bonus. I can't say that it's efficient or anything and it's configuration screen is a little messy but it's what me and my brother use when we're leveling alts.

Here is a link to it

It's LDB and Sharemedia compatible.
The AddOn is pretty much finished now. I'm about to go to bed, but some time tomorrow I'll put the finishing touches on it and upload it.

The display is just text in a window, but you can change the "template" used to display the text via the slash command.

The window is movable and resizable, but due to the way Blizzard has made the texture it uses for the title box (which you drag to move the main window), the actual title box frame expands a little bit beyond the graphic. This means that clicking on the space around the edges of the title graphic will sometimes move the main window even though it looks like there's nothing there.
Thank you so much! You've really gone above and beyond the call for the community, Choonster.

And thank you, Bartruby, for the suggestion.
The AddOn is now complete. I fixed the thing with the title box graphic, so now the texture matches the actual frame.

You can find it here:

It hasn't been approved on Curse yet, but it should be soon. It should be visible on CurseForge though.
Couple questions for you, Choonster.
Will this work with cross-realm players? I have friends on RealID that I level alts with, but they're on different realms.
Where would you like me to post bug reports if I ever come across one?
Thank you, again, Choonster. The add-on is beautiful. Can't wait to try it out.
09/20/2011 10:07 AMPosted by Bõb
Most likely not, unless your in the same dungeon as them (or in 4.3 raid)

Yeah, cross-realm dungeoning. I've got a friend who's got a ~62 priest on one realm while I'm 61 on my warrior on my realm. It's nice to know when he's about to ding in dungeons when we group :)
At the moment, PartnerXP communicates via a chat channel, meaning anyone on a particular realm and faction can share XP info with anyone else on the same realm and faction. This kind of communication would be very tricky to implement via RealID whispers (in a sensible way), but I could add the option to communicate via party chat.

And thanks for all the praise.
09/19/2011 08:58 PMPosted by Jotunheimr
Where would you like me to post bug reports if I ever come across one?
A comment on any of the sites, a post here or a ticket on CurseForge are all good. Just make sure you include the whole error and stuff like what you were doing when it happened.

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