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Azgalor-US, Alliance, 10-man

Contents: Reasonably Sane Guildmaster, Some Guy Who Does Weird Voices (no, he doesn’t hear them, he just impersonates them), Mature and Patient Guildmembers, Maximum Fun, Lack of Guild Drama, the All-Important Tabard & Bank Tabs, Ventrilo (to hear aforementioned voices), Rotational Raid Slot for Fair and Balanced Raiding(caution: may contain epics), Hilarity & Hijinks (warning: injury and repair bills may result).

Suggested Use: Stands in Bad is currently being made available to all classes and specs looking for fun, laughs, a drama-free haven, and progression at a 10-man level, for Cataclysm and beyond.

Requirements: Skilled, mature individuals willing and able to bake at 375 degrees for 3 hours every Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm central time for progression (nostalgia and acheesement raiding performed on an at-will basis). Must be able to at least hear vent, if not necessarily speak on it (though some exceptions can be made – ask your doctor… er, ask the raid leader). Individuals incapable of avoiding bad things on a regular basis need not apply; it makes the raid leaders froth at the mouth, which, while funny at first, isn’t for very long (Stands in Bad is just a name, not a way of life, folks).

Contact Info – email our recruiting sucker... I mean, officer... at indigodragyn at gmail dot com, or contact any of our members in game for further information.

Disclaimer: Stands in Bad is not housebroken. May cause smirks, grins, chortles, guffaws, and groans. Stands in Bad is not responsible for any damages incurred by uproarious laughter, giddiness over epic drops, eye-rolling over bad puns, or talk about delicious food. Not available in all countries. Ask your doctor if Stands in Bad is right for you. Stands in Bad has not been tested on animals. Stands in Bad has been tested on Gnomes, often with hilarious and explosive results. Stands in Bad does not cover misuse, damage from lightning, flood, tornado, hurricanes, neglect, tag removals, EMPs resulting from nuclear explosion, or conversations with an Aquarius on a Tuesday. No animals were harmed in the making of this disclaimer, but the Chihuahua next door is living on borrowed time, believe me. These materials are supplied by Stands in Bad as a service to applicants and may be used for informational purposes only. Accept no substitutes.
As a side note, players afraid of being emasculated (verbally and in dps) by a bunch of women need not apply. Srsly we are estrogen heavy.
We don't emasculate anyone! We just threaten to do so, and that's just to Ted. :D
I don't know what you guys are talking about. Everyone knows that girls don't play WoW!

(also, we may or may not be heavy on spacegoat ladies. which is not to say that the spacegoat ladies are heavy, just that we like our bootlicious-looking toons. tail is for win)
Perhaps we should be known as Waggles in Bad.
Waggles in Bad... that has a nice ring to it!
Your recruitment post is epic.. I LOL'd. A lot. I had to see my doctor about it. I think my face is stuck.

I almost have to re-roll an alliance toon because you sound like a lot of fun.

Good luck and free bumps for an awesome post!
You're most welcome to roll an alt to hang out with us! \o/
I rolled a space goat because i have this irrational need to fit in.. >.>
We love the space goats! \o/

Also, I checked out MT's site -- it looks like you guys have a lot of the same philosophies as SiB. <3
Also, I checked out MT's site -- it looks like you guys have a lot of the same philosophies as SiB. <3

Exactly! which is why you sound like a fun place to hang out and just be a member/play the game when i need to get the foo away from the daily chores of running a guild :D

Plus it looks like you guys need some more estrogen :)
What if I am all out of estrogen :( but still female...Combat Rogue looking for a guild that still remembers this game can be fun. I have been raiding since vanilla and just tired of the Raid Rage. I will email indigodragyn some info.

Cheers! /sips martini

Hey Silky, just shot you a response! ^^
Are you guys like all space goats!????

You guys seem like fun!
I'm drawn in by the awesome recruitment post, and saddened that raiding is not during a time I can play. :/ Stupid evening shift.
We are not all Spacegoats, but we all appreciate the waggle. ^.^
09/22/2011 03:34 PMPosted by Rhuan
We are not all Spacegoats, but we all appreciate the waggle. ^.^

Oh!, I thought everyone was a spacegoat! You sure you are not a spacegoat in disguise?
Are you guys like all space goats!????

You guys seem like fun!

We are fun. Come drink the <Stands in Bad> Koolaid. I give lava surfing lessons.
Of course your alliance. /sigh.
We have to be alliance to get our space goat waggle on!

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