[A] <Morph Unit> Is Recruiting! Tell someone.

Greetings forum dwellers,

After many years on the Barthilas scene Morph Unit is finally ready to recruit "outsiders" into our ranks. Formed back in 2006 Morph Unit has been populated since then by RL friends almost exclusively. With the emergence of new threats to Azeroth in the form of Horde advancement and Deathwing's presence we have decided to beef up our offensive to counter the challenge.

Looking to start some Rated Battleground groups, mainly. If you would like more info (not really that much more) check out our basic website: http://morphunit.guildomatic.com/

You can either apply using the site forums, or have a chat with myself or any Morph (pref Stiryx or Auditor) in /who anytime we are online (please feel free).

You need not be the greatest of the greats to join us, just have a good attitude and a passion for PvP and I think you'll find there's a lot of fun to be had with us.

Stay solid,

sry mate all da good players on ally are in the exclusive rbg channel for pro dudes only

What a great opportunity!
Big wheels keep on turnin'
that's a whole bunch of 1550 achieves
I normally don't respond to fabled forum elitist's alts (I hope alt), but it's a good chance to bump again/clarify a few things.

We're not really trying to be Gladiators, Hamurabiqt. Just a group of people playing this game with friends for fun with competition on the side. Dwell on that for a while and see if you can see through our eyes.

I am sure you're a "qt" deep down though.

+1 for the time you took to look through achieves. That's the kind of dedication we want. Just try to channel it better and you'll be sitting pretty in Orgrimmar with everything going right for you. Must have missed all the amazing 1750/2k achieves in MU that you use to benchmark, so I guess that's -1 for a net score of 0 :)

Best of luck,
Bump in 'ere.
Update: We've got a few more members now and things are looking promising for a RBG team of some form in the near future. We are looking for 1 or 2 more healers and Warlocks in particular. Any class of healer is welcome, but we'd prefer a solid Resto Druid as we have 0.

ask pmah
We also need a Flag carrier. I know that's going to be more than a pain to find...

Dreading having to do it myself.


Got RBG games going. Need people that can be online around 7:30pm ST on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Having to PuG 2-3 spots, but otherwise going great!

Have a chat with myself, Auditor or Sitryx in-game if you're interested.
09/21/2011 05:09 AMPosted by Badgez
sry mate all da good players on ally are in the exclusive rbg channel for pro dudes only

it must be a real lonely channel since Vadj left Barth - but then you are used to talking to yourself and you're only in the channel by default.

Need Hunter
B-Boys fly girls throw your hands in the air.
It's time again. Morph Unit summons Barthilas Alliance PvPers for MoP.

Message me in game with any queries or to apply.

Morph Unit - 100% Prestige

RBGs soon.

PS: We got 1900+ last season with many people that were still gearing up.

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