blizzard store checkout not working

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still been a week obviously you don't want my money too badly
I thought my problem was that i did not have an address listed because my country was not right, obviously not I just phoned to have it changed and now when i click checkout its still refreshing!
I am having the same issue. I have been trying to purchase a mount for 2 days now and I can't seem to get it to work. Every time I click the checkout button it takes me back to the home page. This is quite annoying.
It works for me now, not sure if it matters at all but I used a different computer to purchase the mount I wanted and it worked first time :D
It's Still Not Working!!!

Yeah I'm getting the same freaking issue, I have repeatedly tried to purchase the heart of the aspects and it just takes me back to the home page, EXTREMELY annoying >=[
bump - reoccuring issue with multiple browsers including mobile safari on the iphone while attempting to buy heart of aspects.
Been trying all night, no luck - even tried my phone.
Just called billing - "average wait time is 61 minutes".

No thanks. Sorry Blizz, not waiting an hour on the phone to buy YOUR game time.
Once again when I try to purchase something on my computer it just refreshes...go on my mums old laptop no problem at all.
I have been growing frustrated with the Blizzard store lately. Whenever I go to make a purchase, it takes me back to the home page. I can't get a hold of Blizzard 1. cause it's too late or 2. it takes way too long to contact someone. I am trying to buy game time and I can't I would really like this problem to be resolved once and for all.
Does blizz not see that their beloved players are getting frustrated -.-
I keep trying to make a 30 day game time purchase but I keep getting a message saying "We are unable to process your transaction at this time.To complete this transaction, please contact Customer Support. Alternatively, you may also select another form of payment." It has been saying that same message for the past 3 days.
Yeah this isnt working for me either...
im also havn the same issue and id be happy to complain more my time runs out in like 2 days on 25th if it aint fixed i can ask friends to also file complaint on issue im sure they have the same issue too this is ridiculous where is the help i hit checkout button and it takes me to main page of blizzard store what the heck is going on?
is blizzard gonna fix this crap or can i rage with cause?
Edit: Weird? I cleared my cache, flushed my DNS, Tried from Internet Explorer and Chrome, and tried from 3 different computers. Then In a last attempt, I downloaded firefox and it worked the first time. Blizz why you hatten on chrome?
yup, its still not working, all that happens after I press checkout is just redirect it, and I am trying on the US blizzard store site....... can you please fix this soon ?
Hi, all. This issue should be fixed on now. The other regional store websites will be updated with the fix soon.

Nope its not fixed.

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