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So something I dont get is i am an american who gets wayyyyyy better latency than my buddy who lives in Australia on a oceanic realm. Is that just because my connection is better than his or what? I get about 25/45 ms and he says he gets around 145/230. Its a bit puzzling and we were just wondering.
The Oceanic servers are hosted in the U.S.
09/24/2011 04:20 AMPosted by Awakening
this isn't even a clever troll
It isnt a troll? and lol wtf o-0 then whats the point of grouping them up fer
Blizzard thinks the oceanic players are not worth the $$.

WAR (yes a failed mmo) had/has servers in the oceanic area even before they launched.

so don't give me/us the crap about it costing too much here or stuff along these lines.

been like this since vanilla and will never change.

just remember. each equal fight with an American we win is oh so much sweeter

(not a hater or a troll)

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