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I just find it hard to beleive that a guild that "doesn't get out of bed" for under 500K gold doesn't want to pay for flasks and food. Seems one or two epic mount carries would pay for the consumables needed to crack the next expasion's raiding content? no?

Oh great and powerful BL, let some of that gold trickle down - Ronnie would be proud! Seems the rich only like "trickle down" when they stand atop the highest pinacle and tap a kidney, then expecting the masses to respond with blessed adoration.

Instead I say - "Best deals anywheres" - "Have I got a deal for you." and "Goblin products are built to blast."

Buy em.
I would find their actions acceptable if BL indeed helped the community in any way, shape or form. If you whisper most of their mains for help at any given point like they claim you can, you will be most likely ignored. Just look at their forums. There is one specific post that pointed out this fact. I think it came from a hunter looking for some help from one of Blood legion's main hunters.

In addition, they claim anyone can be called upon from spec ops to go into their alt runs. Im pretty sure it only happens to those in Spec Ops that are helping BL run the alt guild. Im sure they just dont log on and say, Hey you Fire Mage in blues, we are giving back to the community, let us run you for some titles and mounts. Doesnt happen.

Look at the recent push they had in PVP recruitment to pursue World First Guild to finish achievements. They wouldnt have done it without the Illidan Community(Granted they paid them). Did anyone see any mention of thanks to the community in their front page post on their website claiming the world first? Think not. Again the community helps them and not even a thank you.

And lets not talk about their exorbitant prices for Heroic Clears, Mounts and stuff. Yes they can charge whatever they want but there are guilds in the community selling it for a quarter of the price. Their excuse? ohh you can run with pros and get it done in a hour(Premium Price)or run with scrubs(a lot cheaper) and clear it after 10 wipes..


If blood legion really wants to be good to the Illidan community than there are other ways of doing it , without asking for anything in return.

Maybe picking a random person in Ogrimmar in blues and running them through DS Heroic.
Maybe looking at random someone in a crappy mount and saying." Lets go, we are getting you a cool mount or title today". Doesnt have to be everytime or for every run, But a little randomness in giving back to the community would be viewed much differently than using pawns in spec ops with the excuse they can get something from BL.
They don't need to care about you all when they can just use you for free mats. The amount of money they make is nice because they can just convert it to cash and make a pretty penny off of it (a lot of their sells are for cash and not gold afaik.)
Is this real life
Sounds like a bunch of pricks
Don't you think it's pretty degrading to have a supply crew and crudely call it a guild? Seems like an abuse of Blood Legion's standings as one of the top guilds for raiding in the world to me. I applaud you guys and admire your push for the top, but I would never become a groupie and pump your guild with supplies that you seem to be too lazy to get yourself. If I wanted to play as a peon, I'd go back to Warcraft 2 and 3 and drain the local mines and chop every tree in sight.

I Still chop trees when servers down LOL

I suppose you say the same thing about people in sweat-shops and child labor situations?

Oh. My. God.

Do you actually read what you type? Stop comparing what goes on in game to real life. You sir, need to go out more. WoW is not life and you have to stop treating it like it is. Do yourself a favor and delete your post, it'll show you've matured enough to realize you sense of reality was warped.

Sweat shops...lol. That was a good one.

Glad I wasn't the only one that laughed when they read his humanity post. I didn't realize that this was real life. >.>

IMO, Join or Don't. Get off their dicks.
I don't know much about BL or their members, but it seems to me they're quite within their rights to have an alt guild and do as they please with it.

With that said, just because the "mighty" Blood Legion doesn't think you're good enough doesn't mean you're not a good player or that you fail. The majority of wow raiders are not able to play on such a high level and it doesn't have everything to do with "being bad."

Also remember, the players of Blood Legion(and any other guild high end or casual or whatever) are nerds just like the rest of us...they are people, not internet dragon slaying gods.
Necro ftw

The original post was last edited in Sept 2011 by a toon that is no longer even in a guild.
The <Blood Legion Spec Ops> was a great guild while SpexyHeals was an Officer there.

Sadly, she left and the guild sorely misses her. The 10 man raid she used to lead has been disbanded.

Please come back Spexy!!!!
For the record. It wasnt Ram that had me leave. He i can deal with fine..it was the pissy attitude of the raiders. We got 9/16 Normals that night after only doing 6/6 MSV the week before. Ive raid lead for almost a year, starting with 25m DS Pugs at end of expansion to a break during mop to level and gear out 3 toons. We started late in the expansion with hopes of people "knowing" the content. Sadly, people dont understand the concept of gemming/enchanting/maxing out professions. I donated 4 healing/tanking/dps trinkets, formed about 4-10m groups..dealt with the drama of the guild. . and had a blast..but finally with 1/2 my 10m group gquitting..I gave up. The guild is still great! i love ya all..so keep up the karma and help Blood Legion achieve their goals by helping out..im still around in spirit!

lol shut up
Hey spexy are you kaylenlee?
Yup! Kaylenlee of Illidan.
Hai Rockers

and Skillmare..Grow up

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