Brewfest ram racing daily glitch

Bug Report
Had a problem trying to do the ram racing daily which resulted in me not being able to do it and losing the much-needed tokens I would have received.

Talked with a GM who - as seems to be standard practice -advised to post about it here.

I got the quest, and within a second or two of getting on the ram, I was dismounted - it vanished. Couldn't get it back, couldn't restart or reclaim the quest.

Not sure I even got a registered click in on the reins, it was that fast. Mount, poof gone.

The GM said this has been happening to others.

I need about 70 more tokens so I can get all three clothing items and get my last outstanding Brewfest achievement. If this glitch continues I'm not sure I'll be able to get there before the event ends.

Please fix this.
Same thing has been happening to me 3 days in a row now. And to my other toons as well. I've got the re-quest to work only 2 times. >:(
same thing to me hapens just today
This has happened to me three days in a row, but only with my warlock character. I am certain that I am not hitting any other spell. It may be that I have my demon out, but it causes no problems with the ram when I am barking.
Also experiencing this issue on my priest. The first time it happened I was transformed into a dragon via Vial of the Sands. Today I made sure to dismount from everything before clicking accept. I heard the ram sound, as well as the mounting and dismounting sounds, and watched my character do a mini hop on the ground. No ram. No tokens.

Barking has never been an issue.
I was never even given the ram. I just completed the quest and nothing happened....I was not on any mount when I tried it either. I NEED my tokens!
Same. Both daily quests for the past 2 days now involving rams kick me right off the ram. I can wait 2 seconds or 45 seconds.. soon as I turn or whip it kicks me off. The one quest when I abandon it disappears.

I reported it to a GM and think they should give me tokens. Yesterday I'd have had 15 tokens for the one and 8 - 12 say for the other.. same with today.. that's 46 to 54 tokens I missed out on.

I don't want to miss getting my brewfest stuff or achievements.

I think I'm being reasonable here in asking for tokens.. it's not like I asked them for a racing ram or gear or something.. just want what I should have had to get my brew of the month club, some clothes, and achievements.
Okay right after I posed that I went and was able to do one of the quests.. so I lost out on one quest today and 2 yesterday, so that makes me have lost 31 - 39 tokens.
Same thing happened on stormscale so i guess its all over the servers and it just started today
I had the same thing happen today and the GM said it's usually because of being mounted, in costume or shapeshifted when accepting the quest. S/he also said that clicking the reins too soon or too often can do it as well. I was basically told "tough luck" and to try again tomorrow, but if there are a significant number of people having this issue then I feel we definitely should be compensated for the tokens lost. I don't think it's right to be disadvantaged this way when they don't have a fix for it.
Currently I've talked to a GM who said he was sending the issue to the developers to have them look at it. Also, this link is to the main thread we are using about this issue, please post there as well.
Another year gone by and the bug isn't fixed.
Bug still exists. I just found this thread by googling.
Happened to me today. So obnoxious.

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