Rogues, are you on a PvP server?

Playing a Rogue, I feel like a vast majority of us would be on PvP servers.

Are you?
Why'd you choose the type of server you're on?
I'm not, but I feel I would prefer to be on one, now.

I started on Kael'thas because I had R/L friends that got me started playing the game, and I just haven't had a need to leave, yet.

These days, I've gotten into PvP quite a bit, and am quickly running out of reasons to stay on this server, so I've started an alt that I might transfer somewhere else.
I've gone the opposite way: I originally rolled this lady on a PvP server (she was the first toon I ever created on WoW), and world PvP initially thrilled me. But once I leveled into Ashenvale, I got so frustrated with level-?? people repeatedly one-shotting me as I was trying to turn in quests or explore the world that I transferred to PvE. Sometimes I get a little wistful, but because I so love exploration and so hate being interrupted when I'm going about my evening, I mostly am happy to be on a carebear server.
I first leveled on a PvE so i can learn my class without dying to 60s. Also at that time there were no Oceanic servers. So when they finally opened some i just made a new character.
Had i known they would put Achievement system in WoW, i would of stay on my old toon.

Sooo many pvp achivz missed ...

But as things became more centralized, world PvP started to die aswell. People started to just stick to the Hub of the Expansion areas. (BC=Shatt, WotLK=Dal and Cata-Org/SW)
The rest of the PvP world died with this change.

I do miss world PvP A LOT ... And i hope there will be a way to bring it back.

World PvP was great for Rogues. No timers, no gear checks. Just pure PvP fun. And to all those who QQ about it ... they also make PvE servers ...
I too was a victim to PvP ganks and what not, but it just makes you better if you stick it out.
Started on pve because my brother played on one and got me into the game. Transferred to pvp soon as they gave us the option to.
I play on a PVP-lite server. It's technically a Normal, but I run around flagged in my PvP gear any time I'm out in the world.

I like to get into scraps, and I have yet to back down from a (fairish) fight, but I also like having the option to, if I so choose, not have my day interrupted by a dwarf Hunter with a chip on his shoulder.

And just to clarify, I killed that hairy little bastard twice.

world pvp doesnt exist in my server D:
I'm on a PvE server because I wanted a 25 man guild that raids at 11pm 3 days during the week, so it fit with my work schedule and personal life.

I do get in some world PvP, but not fair fights- I kill people dueling outside org. Sometimes I get caught, then it's 5-10 on one. I figure not fair on either side is good enough :p
Totally on a PvP server. Those few times that I can sit down and engage someone in World PvP makes it so much more fun, so many other things you can do to someone to gain the advantage, or lose it if they beat you to it. Not to mention you can call in friends and start some rather large PvP battles in the middle of the zone.

Also fun to kill the person taking your herbs/skin/ore/quest creatures
I guess Illidan is a pvp server, but there isn't any alliance here, so...
I guess Illidan is a pvp server, but there isn't any alliance here, so...

I feel ya, been on Illidan since vanilla

I was on a RP server, then moved to a PvE server, and now I'm on this PvP server. So far I haven't noticed to much other then raid entrance kills. I'm sure once I start my legendary quest line, there will be plenty of grievers though.
Ah haillz nah. I'm a PvE carebear, and would have it no other way. I started out on a PvP server all those years ago with my Shaman, but something about letting other people decide how I spend my time playing really irks me.

Besides, I get some amount of world PvP in anyway. One time I left a BG on my 65 Death Knight while questing in Nagrand, and this other DK decided he'd try to kill me. So, after beating him into the ground a few times, he left and started attacking Halaa. So I go over there, he has some friends but they're 5 levels lower than me, so I beat them too. Got to the point where people were jumping off of cliffs to try to get away from me, but Death Grip ensured I got the kill, not the ground a few hundred feet below. It soon devolved into level 80's showing up to attack, and as the only defender you can imagine how that went.

Still, as much fun as that was, I'd rather not it be a regular occurance. Less special that way.
Started on a PvP server. Realized majority of fights out in the world would usually end up with someone being overwhelmed, or being jumped w/ low health while fighting mobs. I'm too much of a gentlemen to gank people that are questing, or team up with others to take on a single target, so I decided to switch servers and focus mainly on just PvE.

I will admit I do sometimes miss the random battles while questing out in TM
I started out on a pve server, got bored and tried a pvp server. All my old friends were back on the old server so I came back and was bored out of my mind. Sticking with pvp servers from now on, there's nothing like that excitement you get from venturing out into the world and knowing things other than wimpy mobs will attack you.

It's fun as a rouge too! I love sneaking up on people and WHAM! Although for some reason I feel bad about repeatedly killing someone my own level, and laugh my butt off when they are lowbies I am killing.

Either way good times for all.
I was fortunate to just randomly pick a PVP server. 6 years ago, I had no idea what any of this stuff meant. Heck, Crushridge is a PST and I live in EST.

But, yah. I had a few ganking issues. But, it was fun to get my revenge.

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I guess Illidan is a pvp server, but there isn't any alliance here, so...

You could faction change!
It's so shocking how that server is the most populated and is 95% horde. Crazy.
Seriously? Of course, I am on a pvp server.
Of course. I flag all my toons from the start. I've done my share of ganking so I accept when I'm ganked as well. It happens.

I don't bother logging onto my main unless they stick around to kill me repeatedly, but if it gets to that point I usually devote the rest of my time to camping them until they log off.

Edit: !@#$ing autocorrect. Sometimes I hate my EVO.
I started on a PvP server and was there for years. I only transferred to PvE after world PvP had long since died on my server and I wanted to be able to level alts without looking over my shoulder for a maxxed-out ganker every 10 seconds.
Originally levelled this char on a pvp server (Dunemaul), but transferred over to a PvE server for better raiding and RBG opportunities -- there were no decent alliance raiding guilds whose raiding times fit my schedule. The RBG groups I could find were few and far between, and rarely did they win.

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