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Was having a talk with a friend mage on my server. He swears by mastery and gems/reforges full mastery. He has all like 11.4 mastery, 7600 sp while I sit at 8000 sp and 8 mastery. If i use my soul casket my mastery goes up to 10.4 but then i lose 400 resilience. Anyways asking mages out there what is the best reforge/regem strat. I have full intellect gems but reforged to mastery, should i change that to mastery gems? Feel free to armory me.
Also i should add that with soul casket I feel super squishy, with my pvp one I take what feels like a lot less damage, however I also miss out on a lot more potential damage.
Any single point of intellect is far and beyond better than a single point of mastery. It looks to me like you're'll want about 17-19% crit, then all out on mastery. Haste is unnecessary. Always gem/enchant for int first and foremost. The best choice you can make most of the time is a pure 40 int gem (brilliant).
I've actually been wondering about this and have just been too lazy to do the math required.

basically your friends argument is that in PvE Intellect is > mastery because mastery isnt used 100% of the time where as int is. In pve Frostbolt, the main nuke, is never modified by mastery and only benefits from intellect.


in PvP its almost the reverse, you hardly ever will deal damage without mastery's benefit coming into play. So since mastery has almost 100% uptime on spells cast he thinks you get more out of it per point.

1087 gives 20% increased damage... so basically 54 mastery rating will raise damage vs frozen by 1% .... dunno how much int it would take to raise dmg by 1% but if its more than 54.... then yes mastery is the way to go, if not, then let me know so i too can replace all my red gems with yellows!
I dont know was checking out top mages they stack intellect too on reds, plus intellect 20 mastery 20 on yellows, and intellect + hit or just plain intellect on blues. Most of them are humans using double dps trinket one pve though :(.
Gemming int>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>pure mastery gems.

Gem as much int as possible, get int/mastery, int/hit.

Reforge all the mastery.

Use PvE trinkets when possible (Casket/chalice), they're pretty powerful and the loss in resil isn't that big of a deal, mages can sacrifice resil given that they can avoid damage pretty well and CC a lot.

But really, never gem pure yellows or pure blues, everything should have int on it. If you can get an int enchant, get it.

While my gear isn't perfect (I need to drop one of my int/hit gems for a pure int gem) I'd say it's pretty standard and I find myself pretty comfortable with my current set up.

Once I get off my butt/get lucky in BH I'm going to get the T12 pve pants, they're DELICIOUS for pvp and I'm not to concerned with dropping a bit of resil for a poop ton of crit and mastery.
09/21/2011 11:46 PMPosted by Xiun
Gemming int>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>pure mastery gems.

i agree, but i would like to see the math per point, just how much of a damage increase do you get from int vs how much increase do you get from mastery? because honestly, in pvp, how often are you throwing out damage without the target being frozen or FoF procs up?
just did a small test, int gave a little more than twice the amount of change in burst dmg per point than mastery.
I'm assuming you are talking about PVP - I"ve seen both ways to gear and what works best for you probably is realated as much to your team make-up as your individual choices.

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