[A] Integrity recruiting casual EST raiders

We are an established casual raiding guild with a solid core of raiders, a strong guild structure and experienced, mature leadership. We are currently recruiting to fill some voids left by people returning to college and such.

One of the big things that I think make our guild great is that we ALWAYS have raids on if they're scheduled. A lot of 'casual' guilds have such a tight roster that if a couple people miss a night, they either have to pug or cancel a raid altogether.

Our goal with recruitment is roughly 30 people for a 25man raid. When we do have too many people, we ask for volunteers to sit out, and generally there are enough people that don't need gear off the bosses we're doing, or who otherwise don't mind sitting, that we've never had any drama around raid spots.

The other thing that makes our guild great is that we treat raiding seriously when we are raiding, and work together to take hard looks at what is going wrong and what we need to do to correct it. We do this without placing blame, bickering, or nerd raging though.

Our main principles as a guild are:

1. No attendance requirements. People come to the raids that work best for them, and if they want to take a break that's ok. Raids are at set times so people can plan their free time though, and we aim to have something going on every night. The biggest cause of burnout I've seen is people feeling like they HAVE to show up. Take that out, and raiding is significantly more fun.

2. No drama, cliques, or favoritism. No one gets special treatment because they are an officer or a long-time member.

3. Raid time is for raiding. People going AFK or showing up completely unprepared is not tolerated. Some people only get to raid once a week, and we strive to make every raid a fun time.

4. Maturity > Skill. We recruit first and foremost people based on attitude and maturity. People who make anal jokes in trade chat, or use 'gay' to call something bad are not welcome, no matter how good of players they are.

Raid times are 4:30-6:30pm server time, Tue/Wed/Sun for current content 25s, Saturday for achievement runs, 10man older content on other off nights. We've found that 2 hours a night is the perfect amount of time to have fun and progress steadily, without feeling worn out by raiding. Progression is 7/7N. Loot is via Suicidekings.

Vvisit our website at http://integritybaelgun.guildomatic.com/ for more info or to apply.

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