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several UI updates/improvements

keep your hands off my ui you darn dirty ape.

This. Blizzard UI changes usually result in my logging in and yelling "You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you... damn you all to hell!!!". Eh, as an addon author you get used to it /shrug
09/24/2011 01:28 PMPosted by Zarhym
within the next week. :)

Yes! I want my endgame arcane mage again!

Will we get some sets for transmog in our bags or mailed or will we have to farm them on the ptr?

Yes. We're intent on getting the 4.3 Public Test Realms up potentially within the next week. :)

As you mentioned, there's still a lot of work to be done on this patch, so a lot of the content will be rolled onto the test realms over time. Transmogrification, Void Storage, some balance changes, and several UI updates/improvements will likely make the PTR right away. The dungeon/raid content, legendary questline, Dungeon Finder updates, and especially Raid Finder are still very much works in-progress.
alright! looking forward to the 4.3 ptr with the transmog and raid browser.

Thanks Blizz. You Rock!
I am gonna take a wild guess and say that this patch will be "ready" by or close to the date of 12/20/2011.. For some odd reason.. ;)
Thanks god but how can I get the 4.3test?
i want 4.3 to come out now!!
Sooooo ... 4.3 PTR monday or tuesday?
I wonder if we'll see this patch this year.

I sure do miss those nearly-monthly patches we used to get. Now it's just ginourmous content patches we get two or maybe three times a year.
Will balance changes include rated bg balance changes such as tank PvP changes so you can run with something besides a prot warrior in rated bgs? It doesn't seem right that one class has a monopoly on tanking. I hate healing so I'd love to play a prot paladin but it's not viable.
I wonder if we'll see this patch this year.

I sure do miss those nearly-monthly patches we used to get. Now it's just ginourmous content patches we get two or maybe three times a year.

Couldn't agree more. I miss that so much dude.
will there be new premades with t13?
I hope they don't mess with shadow priests. Please, leave us the way we are. We're holding on for dear life.
09/24/2011 02:05 PMPosted by Daekon
The dungeons and raid are very close to being done but you won't see them on the PTR until late in the process because they are going to release 4.3 to counter SWTOR on the 20th of December. The raid will probably hit PTR in late October or sometime in early November so they can launch the patch right when SWTOR goes pre release.

I'm guessing thats about right. It's only right that they do that. A Major endgame raid content plus 5mans that let us dwell into the possible future of Azeroth? Even if I wasn't a lore fanatic, this would interest me. Blizzard finally made a patch interesting.
For the transmog stuff could you pleeeease let us transmog our old legendarys? I would like to take out my warglaives again
Uh oh did that swtor release date push ur plans forward? im betting around dec 20th we'll see 4.3.

09/24/2011 05:27 PMPosted by Absol
if i may make a request, please dont put the deathwing fights on the Ptr, let them be a supprise to everyone that progress that far and they dont know the full extent of the mechanics and strategies months in advance

Whether you request they don't put the Deathwing fight on PTR, why wouldn't they? They'll put the raid to straighten all the bugs that are going to be in the PTR patch. It wouldn't be fair to everyone that had progressed through the endgame content raiding just to see it, and those who haven't dont. They put all raids on the PTR for us to help test.
[quote="32287064351"]Public Test Realms up potentially within t[/quote
its better to get it done and over with and then rest so they should do it fast to make their customers happy because just about everyone is ready and wanting to play 4.3 like people say its probably the best patch in wow
too bad 4.3 is benefiting raiders only.

bad bad move, again

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