Let's go Public Test Realm!

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Posted by Zarhym
some balance changes

Hopefully the right ones.

Can't wait- WEEE SO EEXCITED!!!!

THANK YOU BLIZZARD! I want deathwing to get down on his knees and give me 1000000gold!
yup yup
lol i want wat deathvin said lol
well they must be almost up cuz when i try to log in it goes to relm list not that suggest a relm thing
*runs around happily flailing and giving out ice cream* I feel like I've been waiting forever. Thank you SO much for the news.

I'd come hug you if that wasn't totally creepy.
E-hugs aren't creepy though, so *hugs warmly*

@The Hamburger mention a page back. I will drive to irvine and give them all the cheeseburgers they want just for Transmogging. Best. Patch. Ever. The only thing they can do wrong with the patch is turn of the live servers forever.

And that would take like an act of congress at this point :)
no problem i cheack it every once and a while
o i see how it is dont reply then lol
lol jk
some gm tell me this y arnt they up yet and it would be a little beter for us players to have a time to look at plz reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dont mean to sound push but hury up and get it online plz
You know what I hate I hate level 40 people who play on ptr and say there a level 85 on Retail World of warcraft so they know NOTHING about ANYTHING
meh say what you want i dont care

that wasnt to u ruthlessdk that was to the aly dude
about 2 comments up
Yes. We're intent on getting the 4.3 Public Test Realms up potentially within the next week. :)

Reported for breaching the Blizzard policy of never giving a timeframe for anything.

keyword..... poootenntiallly*** bad troll is bad :P

are you able to give a around-about date for this patch to be released into PTR?
old republic has a release date now blizz, release teir and patch now sounds like a good idea. new AC,GW2,SWTOR. I'm really looking forward to how these all affect the subscribers and what else will be added to blizzstore (like the whole 3 bones a month for iphone app)
I think this PTR cycle will probably be at the top list of most exciting with everything new thats coming in. Waiting patiently is so damn hard D:

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