[A]Dedication(Aman'thul) 25M (GMT+8) H DS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Saturday morning..lazing around is great..
So..what time do you sleep in the weekend?
H Alysrazor on 25M updated - another piece of good news to take some blue-ness of Monday.
Monday's almost over..gladness!
Updated - H Majordomo kill on 25man.
Bump for 4/7 25HM
Rolling restarts night.
New raid week!
Updated requirements - Dedication is now looking for all roles to strengthen our raid force for 4.3 !
The weekend is here!
Sunday morning..!
Busy on monday..but we're still recruiting!
New raid week!
Tomorrow's Friday, happy hour imminent!
Weekend is here!
Saturday! How's it going for everyone!
Sunday weekend laziness almost at the end..

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