SSC- Fathom Lord Karathress solo

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I decided to solo some old content for transmog items. Was having fun figuring out little tricks to do this by myself and had a great time until......

The beast that is Fathom-Lord Karathress and his

Cataclysmic Bolt: Targets random mana user, deals 50% of target's max HP in shadow damage (increased by The Beast Within), a brief knockdown and a stun. Resistible binary spell. 6 second cooldown. Targets only players with mana bars.

So yes even at level 85 this level 73 boss hits me for 60K damage with stun, plus adds. The only solo videos or notes are non-mana users. Can't this boss and/or single ability be looked at to balance out the damage for the level difference, cap the damage or make it hit non-mana users also but less?

I don't want to have to bring in another player to watch me die, and have to solo it for me each week until i get what i want from all the bosses. Lady Vashj had a minor tweak recently to allow solo, hoping for this minor adjustment also.

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