[A] Silhouette 6/16HM 10man LF Healer

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Hello, <Silhouette>​ is a 10man alliance guild here on Sargeras. We are a progression oriented guild that strives to achieve a friendly, yet highly competitive, environment. We push content hard but maintain the closeness that a 10man guild can offer. Server firsts and competitive rankings are something we have accomplished and will continue to strive for in the future.

Raid Times (Central):
Tue/Thur/Sun: 6:30-11. We may raid more during heavy progression and will raid less during farm periods.

Terrace of Endless Spring - 4/4 NM
Heart of Fear - 6/6 NM
Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6 HM
Dragon Soul - 8/8 HM (spine pre-nerf!)
Firelands - 7/7 HM
Tier11 - 13/13 HM

Recent Rankings and Achievements:
Server 1st Heroic Madness (US 18th 10man)
Server 1st Heroic Ragnaros (US 17th 10man)

Recruitment Needs:
-Healer (mistweaver or resto druid)
-We always consider other exceptional applications.

What we expect from you:
-Thorough knowledge of your class and all it's potential roles. Be able to play more than 1 spec!
-Reliability - We do not have backups for every role; we need people with as close to 100% attendance as possible.
-Dedication - We want people who WANT to raid, not people who just show up.
-Preparedness - Flasks, food buffs, pots, researching fights, etc.
-Competitiveness - We want you to keep up and compete with our current raiders and other guilds. Be the best you can.

More Information:
www.silhouetteguild.com/recruitment. You can also get in touch with Tenebrai (GM) via RealID (jakecrow81 at gmail.com) or email (same address).
Bumping for Silhouette! Grats on Rag! These guys kick ass.
09/24/2011 10:29 AMPosted by Cochice
Bumping for Silhouette! Grats on Rag!

Seconded. =)
They need more dwarves. Oh and grats on Rag.
Pinkbunyfufu will be raid ready by tier 69. She's a dwarf.
Thanks guys!
More dwarves? Yuck.

Thank you though, I'm still surprised people are actually NICE on this server...it blows the mind!
^ You were that mage in the 10m firelands with my rogue?
Yep that was my terribad mage.
More dwarves? Yuck.

Thank you though, I'm still surprised people are actually NICE on this server...it blows the mind!

Let's settle down on the dwarven hate. I don't think Zallyssa would appreciate it.
Zallyssa was voted cutest dwarf of the day, every day I saw her.
He just doesn't want too many dwarves in the raid because it would mean another person would be hotter than him.

Also I must have a lot of awards if it's based on every time you see me!
It is why you have so many achievement points
Gratz on H Rag! Great addition to Sargeras's raiding environment! Best of luck in recruitment and T13
<---Hottest Dwarf of all-time.
Only if your beard is on fire, which it could be considering it is very orange, red and yellowish.
I like to pretend it is!
hey, I'm a priest
free bump!

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