[A] Silhouette 6/16HM 10man LF Healer

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I'm doing level 90 heroics on Beta and Shaman just one shot everything with their bug =(
lol, beats all the spriest exploiting their bug and lagging the mess out of Valley. Will be nice when they implement more gear, fix the overly retarded bugs, and can turn up the heroics difficulty to intended levels.

P.S. Thread title isn't updated yet http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3229375729?page=10#200
Yeah, Warlocks, Hunters, and Shadow Priests also seem to have bugs.

Btw: You guys on the PVP or PVE server? I'm Dig on the Lost Isles PVE server in the Seriously Casual guild. Could also realid me on there I suppose too and we can do some heroics.
We're on Lost Isles too, all in Silhouette. Small handful of us at 90 so far =)
We've got like 3 90s lol. Everyone plays D3 instead outside of our Tues night raids. Quite a lot of people around the net seem to be getting bored with the game, but we seem to have a lot of devoted grinders that played the older games. Their passion lies with that game right now.

I just beat Diablo normal personally, and I'm lvl 33, and I'm not too much into playing the same thing over again. The RMAH is also nigh and will inflate the prices of everything on the regular AH and I'll have to shell out some cash for a few million gold if I want to buy anything. At least I'm pretty well twinked up to 33 for now with all this Improved Attack Speed stuff.
It's that time again....
06/11/2012 02:54 PMPosted by Digerati
At least I'm pretty well twinked up to 33 for now with all this Improved Attack Speed stuff.

Now I'm leveled 36 and gimp with the new patch =(
Your life is less complete if you have yet to see...

Still looking!!!
where are all the qtpies?
#1 qtpie right here.
i am a ilvl 396 warrior tank with 4/8 h exp i am also willing to realm change
Needs changed, again. One day recruitment will be over lololol pipe dream
yehyehyeh coc ^>^
Grats to Scarella #1
<3 qtpi Kursed
Hey I sent in an app a couple days back. IDK if it's been processed or anything so just letting you guys know. Thanks!
we're still looking for bros
Almost made it 2 months this time, gotta be some kind of a record.

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