[A] Silhouette 6/16HM 10man LF Healer

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Saw some heroic deathwing head tonight, fun
Kill tomorrow? :)
don't get to raid tomorrow :(

hopefully dies Thursday though.

them bloods in last phase haul !@# x.x
01/31/2012 11:33 AMPosted by Digerati
Maybe not so much anymore with that 15+5% tendon hp nerf today...wowsers. Fight's not fun, so I'll personally be glad to be beyond it.

I would anticipate the possibility of burning a tendon in a single burn. We tried it pre-nerf and weren't super far off, but enough to not make it worth pursuing. But, now, man, it would really make the fight a lot easier.

But yeah, more than once during pulls I was thinking "what tendon are we on? I don't even remember".
We tried a single burn in 25 last night, isn't really possible with the amount of health it has. Pre 4.3.2, on good attempts we were getting 35-40% with heroism and cooldowns, and with the nerf we're looking at about 15-20% still to go. That's with 5 Dragonwrath Mage mains and 2 Rogue mains. Maybe a raid with even more Mages and Rogues could do 1 burn, but for our purposes it doesn't matter since we don't use alts in our raids, so we'll probably be looking at 2 burns per tendon no matter what. We had the opportunity of doing an attempt without heroism on that 1st tendon, and it dropped below 50%, so at least the nerf allows us to do 2-2-2 consistently, I'd hope. I'd still love to get a single burn on the tendon though, but it just seems out of reach. It reminds me a lot of 1 meteor in Heroic Rag 25. We'd only push that about 10% of the time with a lucky engulfing cast and outlier DPS levels. It was very frustrating. This time around, we're not going to plan around a single burn. Just going to save the headaches and plan on 2. Maybe if we were a few % off we'd try for it, but 15-20s just too much.
So heroic madness wiped us at 2.1%. fml.

That's essentially a .1% wipe ya? You'll get it next time you raid.
I think it dies at like 1.7 or something around there, so yeah it was microscopically close :(
Working on the last plate of Spine. Meeting the DPS requirement for 2 plates is pretty reasonable now without heroism, so it's just a matter of getting the kiting down [and having to go through 10 minutes just to get to that point every time]. Disconnects and people lagging out seem to be a big problem on that fight too. I don't DC all that often, but it's happening on Spine. Thinking maybe a few nights on Madness to finish off the tier, but we need to get past Spine without the hiccups. Madness looks like some basic execution without much in the way of RNG. I think I'll enjoy it for that reason, though it probably is a let down for the final boss of the expansion.
It's a huge letdown imo. All you do is repeat the same thing 4 times before you get to do something different. Sure it gets harder each time but you're still doing the exact same thing.

Besides that when your 10 minute attempts are ruined by a random falling death you'll hate the encounter that much more.
I'm really, really mad about Madness right now.


Seriously, we had ~1-2% wipes, and should have killed it Thursday, but lost upwards of 45 minutes to people falling through the world on platform leaps. On really good, solid pulls.

Really mad at Blizzard.
Madness seems like a suitable name for that fight.
We're still lookin for people
Grats on H-Deathwing
some random in our guild said grats to us so i went ahead and accepted. 7/7H hunter lfg
Yo grats
Thanks Dig :)
Thanks :)

Looking for a solid and stable non-pally tank who knows what time it is when MoP hits...

I'll be you're pokemon pal, and journey across the lands and waters of Azeroth assisting with your endeavors to be a master.
Call it Mists instead of MoP. Sounds a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing.

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