Patch 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses - 9/29

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they dont have anyother set bonus because hunters are only DPS , thats why other classes have more set bonuses xD
4p resto wow wat a joke couldnt give use some else more worthless
WOW, is all I gotta say on these bonuses!
Prot warrior 2p seems abit OP.
Paladin 4p is just stupid..
I noticed that Divine Favor and MTT share the same mana-reduction bonus. AFAIK DF isn't really used for mana reduction but rather throughput.

Thoughts behind it?
prot pallies just got owned
Seems they basicly turned Vampiric Blood ability to match a Warriors Rally Cry.
Mage's is very 'eh'. Arcane Power's cooldown is completely irrelevant; Evocation is the spell that actually needs to have its CD reduced. The amount of time lapsed between burn phases is equivalent to Evocation's cooldown minus 20sec. Feh.
I like the idea of the resto shaman bonuses, but I'm not really keen on both of them being attached to abilities with fairly long cooldowns.
Shadow 2pc and Masochism - will we still get mana back?

4pc is the most welcome thing I've ever seen. Fishing for orbs is the worst.
I'm really liking Feral =)
Well, that sucks for survival hunters as far as the 4 piece goes. I doubt many of us even use Arcane Shot in our rotation but to dump some excess focus (which doesn't happen very often as it is). Quite unfortunate 4 piece bonus.
wow, holy priest bonuses are totally useless.

Mana cost after casting lightwell?

So for 15 seconds before we pull the boss I have reduced mana cost? what?

And even when using lightwell during the fight its not thrown down during heavy damage phases, so 15 secs of reduced mana cost is not useful at all.

And 4 pc, reduced holy word cooldown? Priests in 25 man generally sit in PoH chakra, we dont use sanctuary on cooldown....we rarely use it at all for that matter.

What is the deal with these bonuses??

Disc looks better since the 4pc directly affects an often used spell in a good way, and power infusion IS used in high damage phases so the further reduced mana cost is nice. Still very weak compared to t12 bonuses though.
For prot: 2p: Does judgment even do enough damage to make this worth anything? I haven't really looked at the exact #, if I remember right it isn't exactly an ability that does much damage... 30% of that once every 8 seconds seems kind of... eh...

as for the 4p: I like the CD reduction, (but wait... doesn't that just make it as it was at the start of cata? don't remember when but it was nerfed to 3 minutes at some point.) but the 100yd range just seems like something that should have been baseline for the ability, given how spread out the raid is on most fights and the fact that it has no animation makes it kind of weird to use in certain situations. So while its ok, while other tanks got a raid CD attached to their personal CDs, we got what DG should have been already... but now we're going to have to wear a few subpar tier pieces to get it...
DPS Warrior bonuses seems prettey Boring
ehh isn't the 2 piece set for Hunters FREAKEN OP???

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