Patch 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses - 9/29

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Affliction and Destruction have a 15 minute CD on the guardians. This reduction simply means they get to use their guardians almost every pull.
Demonology, on the other hand, has a 10 minute CD. During Longer fights, it will be able to use the guardian TWICE. It already gets at least triple the benefit from it's guardian demons. Now it will get 6x the benefit during long fights.

THEN the bonus increases the duration by 15 seconds for Destro and Aff, and TRIPLE that for Demo.

Now were talking about the 2pc bonus favoring Demo over either of the other specs by a factor of at least 18 during fights lasting longer than 7 minutes.

I'm sorry, but WTF?

Lets work this out another way:
Assuming a 7:30+ fight, The 2pc bonus increases the uptime of the doomguard by 15 seconds for aff and destro, and 155 seconds for demo. That's already 10x the benefit for demo.
The doomguard does about 3-4x the DPS for Demo as well.

.... lol. Should really revise before you post
Sooo... Im so not looking forward to the set bonuses on rogues... -___- seriously i would take the t12 set bonuses over these anyday. And wth TotT... cmon really again?
Dps warriors get the shaft
Combines both your fire and earth elemental, to form magma elemental. You are no longer able to use fire and earth elemental totem. Magma has an auto attack similar to fire elemental. And gain two special ability.
Fire Shield: Shaman is pulled towards the magma elemental, combining them. In this Elemental is not able to cast or attack. All damage is reduced by 40% for 3.5seconds. 50% of damage done to you while in this state is gain as mana. 30% reduction in movement speed. 30Seconds Cooldown.

lol this.
Will Masochism still work with the Shadow Priest 2 set?
it actually sounds pretty good, it drops the cd on our highest dps enhancing spell by a maximum of 30 seconds, thats half the regular amount.
I think they should add on to the 2 piece that improved steady shot procs from 1 steady shot at least 25% of the time or something along those lines
warrior dps 4P = terrible bonus if you are arms
Why is Hunter complaining? Look at our 4P bonus. Haste is almost useless for us but we rather take your 4P bonus than the current one. I can't even think why Blizzars would even think of that? U want to nerf warriors even more? If you do please just remove the class from the game because no one gonna play it anymore
blizzard, y do u hate so much warriors?
nerfed every single patch, arms have the same passive bonus of pallys (2hand specialization) but only for 12% when pallys have 20%

and now this weak bonuses from t13?
prot is fine, but dps is terrible =/
Alright, so for all the Death Knights that seem to be... well, blatantly mistaken, let me clairify something for you. [item="spell=81229" /] and [item="spell=51462" /] are what benefit from the four-set bonus; the rune procs/speed. This is an buff that will certainly have significant uptime, although we do not know anything about it's internal CD, or if it has one yet. The two-set seems interesting, but I honestly don't know that Frost will realistically have time to pop off two Howling Blasts like that most of the time unless we've been horribly unlucky with Runic Empowerment and are sitting there with nothing else up but a free Howling Blast or two.

Blood's four-set is certainly impressive, similar to the Warrior's four-set. However, it raises the same concerns, altering my personal CD and making it a raid CD. Hopefully, the coming fights will not be tank damage intensive and will be more raid damage concentrated to coincide with what these bonus' are designed to do. Lastly, I must bring up the total lack of use to our two-set. A death rune like that will do us little good in many situations. Yes, we all of a sudden have a rune for Rune Tap, but that is the same design that was used for our talents and Wrath and was found to be rather ineffective. Or if we already just had a single rune up we could get in a Death Strike, one that would hopefully heal/bubble us enough to get us through, but that is very situational. I would much rather have our two-set be similar to the other three tank bonus', providing us some sort of extra bubble or enhancing the bubble we are already using.
The 2P for blood would allow you an immediate death strike, regardless of the state of your runes, upon being dropped below 35% HP (as opposed to your current knee-jerk Rune Tap). I guess if you got dropped below 35% by a big attack, that could come in handy. Otherwise I guess it's a free rune tap/bone shield combo meal. I doubt that alternative is advisable, of course.
Since I'm posting (terrible waste of time, I know), I'll just say the DPS howling blast bonus is kinda meh unless it just fires off that first one automatically (since I'm not going to have time to put that many extra attacks in).

The other bonus has a chance to proc any time an RNG rune pops up--not just when you use "Empower Rune Weapon," which is a completely different spell.

Oh, and Rime does not grant you an auto-crit on Obliterate. How did you guys graduate from Acherus, anyway?
lol thanks blizz make the druid even more op.... sucks for hunters again!!!
09/26/2011 10:22 PMPosted by Warmoomoo
Why is Hunter complaining? Look at our 4P bonus. Haste is almost useless for us but we rather take your 4P bonus than the current one. I can't even think why Blizzars would even think of that? U want to nerf warriors even more? If you do please just remove the class from the game because no one gonna play it anymore

we complain because that set bonus, and the 2P bonus is the fix our class gets to our scalling issues

also, the 2P bonujs is going to be a MUST in pvp because of the pvp issues we have there as well, which means even less survivability due to less resiliance, even though our health pools are already the least effective

but no worries, they will give us new challange tames to baslance us..... (again).....
09/24/2011 06:00 PMPosted by Zarhym
DPS, 4P -- Your Execute critical strikes have a 20% chance to refresh the duration of Colossus Smash.

Not digging this ^

Re-applying Colossus Smash isn't that much of a hassle. Besides, correct me if I'm wrong, but once you get those 5 stacks on Executioner, you're better off doing the normal rotation, using Execute only upon free GCD's just to make sure you don't lose the buff. This bonus will barely make a difference to a warrior, which is bad.

09/26/2011 10:14 PMPosted by Axxemurderer
warrior dps 4P = terrible bonus if you are arms

Not that sexy for fury either :(

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