Patch 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses - 9/29

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Is this some kind of joke 50% chance to generate one holy power gime a break STOP trying to make ret pallys suck for gods sake!
I have a feeling you guys are just trolling Ret Paladins at this point.

More RNG, for real?
09/27/2011 07:43 AMPosted by Phatbasturd
The dps 4 set for warriors is insanely amazing. Like im shocked haha its gonna be pwn. In all honesty almost all the new teir set bonuses are good.

Wow, you could not possibly be more wrong.

Execute = 20% of boss health, which equates to less than 20% of the fight in almost every case.

During that relatively short phase, every 20 seconds we have a 6-second window to get in an Execute CRIT, and even when we do, there's only a 20% chance that the proc will happen.

It's a chance on chance effect. In other words, how much RNG can we shove down their throats at once.

In its current state, this set bonus is literally almost worthless.
All the tier bonuses look really interesting b/c they should change rotations significantly.

Of the healer cooldowns though, I am a bit dissappointed with the shaman 2piece. Mana tide is a mana regen cooldown, but the mana reduction portion should be used for periods of high damage. Unfortunately, this means that healing stream totem cannot be down for those periods of high damage, and it is a large portion of shaman healing, not to mention a raid wide resist aura in 10m groups. The 4 piece looks amazing though.
The 2p DK DPS is OK, wouldn't mind if it changed but I don't care if it is kept.

The 4p, however, should be changed to Haste instead of Mastery. I mean, of course mastery gives more damage, but we rely on runes, which haste makes it's regeneration faster.

Also the reason why we rely on Unholy presence instead of Frost presence is because of the rune regeneration, like I said.

Frost pres > UH Pres = Haste > Mastery.
09/24/2011 06:13 PMPosted by Kalikai
Us Hunters are left out again as usual...guys, give us hunters some good stuff!

........... are you even reading that right? left out? i don't think so.

09/27/2011 10:51 AMPosted by Stardust
Us Hunters are left out again as usual...guys, give us hunters some good stuff!

dude hunters set bonuses are the best of the lot.... near full time hero equivelent of haste and ur ss regens double the focus wheres the downside, where!?
Wow, the tanking 4 piece bonuses are awesome extra raid cooldowns for burn phases. Looking pretty good.
are they up yet?
someone reply plz
I actually had to log in to post because the hunter QQ throughout this thread just made me so angry. (and yes, i have a hunter)


are you kidding me!!! be HAPPY!! that is like one of the most OP 2P bonuses ever given. blizzard is being very generous, don't bite the hand that feeds.

thats like paladins getting 2 holypower per ability or rogues/kitties generated twice the combo points.

you are NOT left out, please stop whining, you are making us all look bad.

please you went through all the trouble of logging in to post this then post on your hunter, focus is not a problem in pve get it. and you obviously have no idea that hunters are scaling not so great and the band aid wont stick.
OK the Hunter was scary @ first with how little was there, but I'm pretty happy with what we did get...Not gonna complain seeing as it's useful.

My holy priest is insulted by the wording though, I'm HOLY not non-Disc...And I'm not too happy about what I did get, proccing off of Lightwell.. lightwell goes down at the beginning of a fight. Unless I'm throwing it down throughout the fight it's just a boost for the intro of a fight, where I might not even be throwing down big heals that need the reduced mana. And my Holy Word cooldown gets reduced? Why couldn't I get a spirit proc or haste even, at the very least a mana reduction on the Holy Word stuff. I hardly use my Holy Word spells often enough to need a reduced cooldown. Have to admit I'm disappointed, spose it will be useful to throw out the single Holy Word spell I use more often...
At this rate it will be like vanilla for warriors in the way of "if you don't tank, you don't raid" Sorry but I am tired of this crap. Unless you guys are un-nerfing pve abilities and popping a seperate way for pvp then warriors might go the way of the dodo.
I think the Holy set bonuses are a huge slap in the face to us "Non-Disc" priests (as Blizz refers to us now).

2P Bonus: Any good Holy priest knows that you'll place the LW before pulls and any high damage spikes. This way people will know where I've placed it. So the T13 bonus is completely useless to us.

4P Bonus: "Holy Word: Sanctuary" is a situational spell with demanding mana requirements, for Holy priests, is only used as a "buffer" during High damage spikes.

The 4P bonus is to reduce the cool down on this spell, which most likely, wont be on CD so the bonus, in effect, will go unnoticed. Serenity is a decent spell but in all reality heals for nothing. The buff it grants only lasts for 6 seconds. Not a spell we use a whole lot in Raid environments.

All in all ... could we just get the T12 bonuses transferred to T13?
warlock and warriors have horrible set bonuses

the inner rage bonus is not too bad but 4p is awful i think
you can only use execute at 20 perc and it only has a 20 perc chance of resetting smash
such a limited bonus i hope they change it

the mage bonus is confusingly written it says 30 perc chance on damage but it expires when your major cds are finished so does the bonus work when your cds are not up ??
is the ptr up yet?
Are you dumb, the bonus isnt because of the lack of focus, it gives you MORE focus to use MORE abilities, which in turn means MORE dmg because of the use of MORE focus...


Just curious if Blizzard has people who never played this game designing tier bonuses and class balances now? Are all of your competent designers working on Diablo now?
09/27/2011 12:39 PMPosted by Azrayel
Are you dumb, the bonus isnt because of the lack of focus, it gives you MORE focus to use MORE abilities, which in turn means MORE dmg because of the use of MORE focus...

a band aid, I think hunters would rather scale properly , period
09/24/2011 06:08 PMPosted by Johnnydeath
cant do any better for the mages?
500 haste and reduced CDs? What you should have said was thanks.

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