Patch 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses - 9/29

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Ummmm the dk tank bonus looks kinda bad for 2 of the set looks like it was a freebee can we get all runes reset and maybe for the 4set get when you use blood tap after you get will of the necropolis it heals for 50%.... more just asking
Ummmm the dk tank bonus looks kinda bad for 2 of the set looks like it was a freebee can we get all runes reset and maybe for the 4set get when you use blood tap after you get will of the necropolis it heals for 50%.... more just asking I really liked the tier 11 gear before fl increase duration of icebound fortitude by 50% in fl it kinda looked like it made them a little more effective dps with the burning blood thing
OMG! I love the Elemental Shaman Set Bonuses!!! :D :D Totally fan-gasming right now. Though I have a question about the Shadow Priest 2P. I know mana can go quite quickly for a Shadow Priest and using SW:D intentionally before Execute time is used for the Masochism talent for mana. If you get rid of the damage with the bonus, does Masochism still get activated?
What is this gonna do for pvp these set bonuses are gonna screw everything up.. Does this mean i can do arenas in the new tier? ha weaksauce for pvp it seems
WOW warrior tanks just got a bonus!!! xD
Unless I am mistaken, the warrior dps 4-piece bonus has been unanimously voted as horrible. I cannot disagree since its use is during a 6-second window every 20 seconds during the last 20% of a boss fight, assuming RNG is fair and you land a crit in your 3 executes.

I suppose the bonus would be worthwhile if we pop recklessness and other crit cooldowns (apparatus or similar 4.3 trinks) before the Colossus Smash, we could potentially have CS up for well over 15 seconds. Now that would be worthwhile. Assuming you coordinate your CDs for that 6-second window near the end of a boss fight.

IMO the 4-piece should be less niche. It should benefit us more often than once every 20 seconds after the first 80% of the fight without assuming we land a crit and aren't rage-starved in a 6-second window.

PS - Blizzard if you want to hire me for this kind of stuff I've got a degree and would love to be a part of the team :D

Even if you are forced to use AR under conditions that will lead it to cap, that is still giving you 3 more seconds of being GCD capped and having full energy while coming off AR. The value is what I stated previously and it is on par with the better set bonuses rogues have seen throughout cata. Not better, but on par. If anything it makes energy management and proper AR use (low to no energy at start, no KS, not during bl/hero if possible, managing haste procs during AR) all the more important. Better rogues will get more out of it, which is how it should be.

Oh, and protip.

Edited to add protip.

Just like I said in my original complaint... It's not even close to being on par with our level 70 4 pcs.. Do you see whats wrong here our gear gets better but our 4 pc gets worse.. derp derp. And i don't need a dps lesson from you, last i checked you aren't ranked on any fights in Firelands . Last i checked i was top 10 worldwide on world of logs for two different fights. and top 50 for several other fights.. I know how to play a rogue but thanks for caring...

1. We aren't the only class whose 4pc is less powerful than the 2pc in the *subject to change* T13.
2. For the nth time, it is still as good a set bonus as we have seen yet in Cata.
3. Please spare me the WoL nonsense. I raided heavy progression and had top parses from T6 through the first half of Uld before taking a 2 year break. Me coming back a month ago is the reason for a lack of place on top parses, certainly not a lack of previously established experience or knowledge of the class. Basically you came in, whined in all caps about stuff, you were off base, and now you expect combat's blade flurry stat padding to make you sound cool? Just go back to your unfounded CAPS complaining.
These are jokes right? More reason to get Old Republic...
So.. I'm a boomkin/resto druid. My opinion? 2 piece bonus sucks, 3% damage really wont do much except giving us like a 500 dps - 1k dps increase which probably wont mean much with new gear in 4.3. Also, the 4 piece means: You get out of you eclipses earlier, and lost the big damage buff, and since starsurge has such a big cooldown, you really wont be using it much anyways. Thanks blizzard for giving awesome bonuses to every other class!

Warrior DPS 2P is not too bad, actually gives you a reason to use Inner Rage, DPS 4P is worse than terrible.
Get rid of warrior two piece bonus and replace it with: Your auto attacks have a 40% chance to increase all damage by 5% for 15 seconds. This buff acts as an enrage and stacks with current warrior enrage.

Replace four piece set with: Bloodthirst and Mortal Strike not execute. This way its usable for more then 20% of a fight.
All I can say to the lock set bonuses is WTF? the 2 pc i could mildly understand...but really 10% SP from SB? Is this a sad attempt to bring Destro back to where it should be or what? Destro is the only spec that really utilizes Soul Shards for a major DPS increase....personally this makes me really sad....T11 bonuses were crap, T12 is probably one of the better ones I've seen in a while, & now we get crappy bonuses again on top of the gear just looking atrocious? WTF BLIZZ? Plzz dont bring the set bonuses in game, & fix ISF for destro...Afflic is too boring & cant stand Demo
09/27/2011 01:42 PMPosted by Vaulkhar
Am I the only one thinking that Paladin tank tier bonuses suck?D: I want it to be awesome like the other classes!D:

Compared to what?
Our 2 piece bonus is essentially the same as Prot Warrior's.
And the 4 piece, the difference is:
Warrior 4pcs = Raid-wide damage mitigation buff every 3 min
Paladin 4pcs = 100 yard raid-wide damage mitigation buff every 2 min

While Warriors got a considerable upgrade since SW is normally a self-buff only, and our Divine Guardian was a raid-wide buff to begin with, we still come out ahead considering the massive CD reduction and triple range.
The only problem I ever had with DG is the very small range, and this completely fixes that problem and more.

No, I'm perfectly happy with this, and can't wait till I use them.
what he said that set bonus is terrible something like arcane mage one is good for like rapid fire would be sweet i do 65k dps on rag without touching arcane shot once if blizz made arcane blast spam where each aimed shot reduced cd on rapid fire would be awsome but its bad enough they are making cast times longer and giving us terrible set bonuses for t 12 t 11 was sick with the cast time buff in all melee dps increase allover specs LOL just cause most dps in this game cannot beat a surv hunter or a lock that hurts your dps when you move you take it out on us by buffing them and nerfing us giving them a huge buff not cool left out again how awsome
DPS, 2P -- Sudden Doom has a 30% chance and Rime has a 60% chance to grant 2 charges when triggered instead of 1.
DPS, 4P -- Runic Empowerment has a 25% chance and Runic Corruption has a 40% chance to also grant 710 mastery rating for 12 sec when activated.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but how good does that sound when you turn the %'s around:

"... a 70% chance and...a 40% chance of having no additional effect"
"... a 75% chance and...a 60% chance of having no additional effect"

RNG driven bonuses = bad design imo.
Looks like rogues are getting the usual shaft....
09/24/2011 06:08 PMPosted by Johnnydeath
cant do any better for the mages?

Are you kidding, Think of all the deeps you can do with stacks of haste and abilities to make your spell cast next to 0, + trinkets. I think you might want to re-read that bonus

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