Patch 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses - 9/29

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Unless Combat gets a reworking to prevent energy capping, BOTH of our bonuses are really pretty dumb.
Warlock 2 piece (fantastic). The only problem is going forward from t13 where we will have dg/infernal every attempt roughly and with it being such a huge part of demo dmg want us wearing it in t23? 4 piece:rubbish.
Thanks blizzard, another useless 4 set for resto, and once again, enhancement and elemental will be OP as the day is long. What is this?

Who wants 30% spell haste on Spiriwalkers Grace? Thats so bad.
cant say im pleased with the dps dk bonus. its a major let down after the bonuses from t12. 710 mastery once every 5 minutes for 12 seconds is not worth the effort of getting together 4 pieces of tier.
With that Lock 4pc... I hope we get some new way to generate Soul Shards besides killing a target with DS up.
I am just going to say this...Why Blizzard? Why do you hate us holy priests? :/

Our two piece is practically useless. Power infusion is on a 1 min and 30 second cooldown. Lightwell is on a 3 min cooldown. The extra five seconds of healing costs cut does not make up for this. I don't know what other spell you could use, but lightwell is not the right spell :/ Or just fix the two pieces for all healers all together.

Four piece for holy priest is horrible too. I have two power word: holy abilities. One is for tank healing, which is what I hardly do because well I am holy. I am a raid healer. The other one is an AoE that is the most in-effective one out there. All it does is overheal. Please blizzard fix us holy priests. You need some overhauling of these tier bonuses because no holy priest in their right mind would ever take them.
So now my CDs for healing get a buff? I find having a set bonus that affects my entire class/spec better the just one spell. Kinda reminds me of how disc mastery works. : /
Man, I cannot wait to not bother with a set bonus. Way to go blizz. Judging crits for donkey every 8, and returning DG to pre-nerf is ridiculous when compared to other classes getting an additional raid CD from a personal CD.

Let me go cry into my cheerios. Then get over it and simply not bother with sets.
What is with the Warlock 2pc bonus? That's so uselessly situational and even with the cooldown it won't be used more than once per fight. How about something that actually makes a noticeable, perceptible difference? Not to mention it's a slap in the fact to anything that isn't Demonology.
The resto Druid bonuses are absolutely terrible.

Innervate should be cast at 80% mana, and that won't necessarily line up with a heavy burn phase in which the reduced mana cost will be fully utilized. A passive, continuous regen bonus is much more ideal.

Doubling the duration of rejuv and regrowth will be nice if it happens during a heavy heal phase, but other than that it'll be mostly overheal. Perhaps change the proc to "instantly heal for it's total effect," while not consuming the hot?
Wicked. :D
The Tricks of the Trade bonuses for rogues are starting to get really old. With the threat buff to tanks it's not really something that's used after an initial pull anyway. It's basically just adding an extra button to the rotation, which while I don't mind, I'd prefer something new and a bit more creative, no offense. Also yes I realize they aren't final, just expressing my thoughts.
Death Knight

Blood, 2P -- When an attack drops your health below 35%, one of your Blood Runes will immediately activate and convert into a Death Rune for the next 20 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 45 sec.

That is possibly the worst 2piece bonus. So the other tanks all get a decent damage reduction ability usable at any time, and DK's get 1(one)(a)(single) rune. After dropping below 35%. Once every 45 seconds.

How about bone armor has 1 or 2 extra charges? Or rune tap places a protective shield on the DK for 100% of the amount healed? Or blood tap refreshes 2 runes?
Protection, 4P -- Your Shield Wall ability now grants 50% of its effect to all party and raid members.

while this seems cool in practice, it's flawed in same design of rallying cry.

it's bad enough tha we often have to give up one of our personal cds to give the raid one in form of rallying cry (which although we benefit from, it's not nearly as powerful as last stand)

now shield wall is essencially divine guardian. this does not personalize our Cd it takes it away from us and into the hands of riad leaders. My cds are to be popped when i need em. I actually still die on herioc rag cause i'm in a rallying cry rotation and i can't use last stand to save myself. because the raid actually needs my rallying cry more.

god forbid my shield wall is next raid CD and now instead of popping it when I need it, i pop it when raid needs it. If anything i'd be happier with a set bonus that makes rallying cry no longer a shared CD with last stand. only prot warriors are penalized, dps warriors can rally all the want. Our cry should have worked same way as guardian all along, it's not a shared CD, but it doesn't benefit the prot warrior casting it, and let our last stand be disposable of it's own.
and as for 4pc bonus, I'd very much like one that's not robbing me of my only remaining CD
Did you even think when making these bonuses?

So, let me get this straight... I go from, basically, every other Holy Shock regenning mana and making all of my major heals multi-target, to...

Making my spells briefly cheaper during a period of time I'm most likely not even casting? The Radiance bonus is nice, but sure as heck not 4pc worthy.

I do like the Ret bonuses, but it isn't my main spec, so... Meh.

WTF @ Shadow Priests, too. How are they going to get mana back with Masochism now?

Not casting? You're thinking of Divine Plea, not Divine Favor. Big difference.

But I do agree with you, the T13 Holy Pally bonuses are garbage in comparison to the T12's.
6% extra damage from obliterate and scourge strike and runic power generated by horn of winter=amazing set bonus. try topping that please. the t13 set bonus is just useless as far as actual raid usage is concerned. runic empowerment is used only once per boss fight if it lasts long enough for it to be needed. Realistically it just doesnt compare to 6% extra fire damage. Please change it.
As a combat rogue, I feel kinda insulted....

2 piece... with my energy capping problems?

4 piece... with my energy capping problems?

Not to mention 3 seconds of an extra 12.5 energy/sec (since AR doesnt double dip into our haste additional regen) and 20% melee haste every 1.5min or so seems awfully.. weak?
All these set bonuses lead me to believe that there is going to be both a lot of raid-wide incoming damage and a lot of focus on single-target DPS to combat certain classes not having a lot of target-switching DPS.
Am I the only one that notices that all healing classes get the reduce cost to healing spells after using ability of some sort. This is not much of creative set bonus if all the healers have the same bonus and secondly, it shows that there could be issues with healing in the game. This list makes me wonder if the creative pool in the Dev. people has run dry.

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