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Not sure what to say concerning both Rgoue set bonuses. Compared to the other classes, ours is pretty lack luster and doesn't seem like they will be a moderate or even high increase of dps. Who knows, it could change before 4.3.
While the hunter bonuses look boring, I can see me having a good time dpsing with them. It will be a lot more laid back. More focus from steady and cobra means more focus dumping with arcane shot, which means a lot of that 25% haste bonus ^.^
Although hunter bonuses seem great, I find them boring and underpowered compared to other set bonuses.
Please not another Tricks tied bonus, it's not fun, it's just annoying. x.x

The 4 piece looks rather lackluster for a 4piece as well.
Prot Paladin 2pc is very, very weak. Judgement deals very little damage. Not enough to make 30% absorb shield worth much. Avenger's Shield or Crusader Strike would be a much better choice. Its a good idea, Judgement just doesn't hit hard enough to make the 30% shield worth much of anything.

Prot Paladin 4pc is just terrible. Unnerfing it from what it used to be, and still should be, is a really lame move via 4pc.

Ret 2pc is okay. 100% would be better. 50% chance is just another proc we have to watch, on top of Art of War and Divine Purpose. We're already pretty busy watching procs and cooldowns. Throw us a bone here.

Ret 4pc is disappointing. Just reinforces our over-reliance on cooldown burst phases. As it is now, Ret's dps already depends on juggling our three big dps cooldowns. Also worth mentioning that this 4pc feels too much like our current tier 4pc. One adds 15 seconds to Zealotry and one adds 12% damage to Zealotry. How about some variety, guys?
Comments on tank bonuses:

DKs: I don't know?

Paladins: So make them even more broken? Their 4pc I don't exactly envy, but their 2pc sounds broken as all hell.


2pc: I sincerely hope this is coming with a Berserk redesign. If not, you better not make another Alysrazor style fight in t13 or this will unfairly hamstring us.

4pc: Does this include the Glyph effect as well? I'm expecting it will at some point due to your history of ... well ... not doing things correctly but I'd like to know sooner rather than later. If it does not include the glyph effect then how would the healing portion work?

Warrior 2pc: For srs? This is a joke right? "I iz invulnerable as long as I can Revenge!"

4pc: This is unfortunate since it removes one of their pretty darn important personal CDs. It'd be like doing it to SI for Bears, and you know we'd rip you a new one for that.

Prot Paladin 2pc is very, very weak. Judgement deals very little damage. Not enough to make 30% absorb shield worth much. Avenger's Shield or Crusader Strike would be a much better choice. Its a good idea, Judgement just doesn't hit hard enough to make the 30% shield worth much of anything.

I'll be honest, with full CTC you'd be hard pressed to convince anyone that giving you a pretty decent shield size is a good idea.
Is it ok for me to request the class design team to please GO BACK to the drawing board for the Holy priest set. it just clearly doesn't sinergize with holy play style atm.

i completely understand the 25% mana reduction CD that all healer are getting and i am completely fine with that but right now holy priest try to have lightwell out WAY before the the raid dmg starts. it just seems weird that I'm going to get punish because i like to have my lightwell down and visible for all the raid to see before a pull so 25% mana reduction at that point wouldn't be of any use

the next one the 20% reduction to holy word spell just doesn't work well with raiding priest. the only time i justify using holy word: serenity is in 5 mans otherwise it an ability that raiding priest use very little. holy word: sanctuary there is no need to have it up more than the little time it is useful now so there is no point.

(my opinion players please don't flame me for expressing mine)
may have the 25% mana reduction to chakra. that way we would see some interesting chakra switching or reactivating for the buff...obviously there would have to be an internal CD to put on the lvl of the other healers 25% mana reduction teir pieces.

maybe for the 4pc holy has a chance to proc. a double prayer of healing

whatever you decide please consider my feedback!
09/24/2011 06:21 PMPosted by Rushpeart
Well, that sucks for survival hunters as far as the 4 piece goes. I doubt many of us even use Arcane Shot in our rotation but to dump some excess focus (which doesn't happen very often as it is). Quite unfortunate 4 piece bonus.

Which is why the 2pc doubles our focus generation.
Ok. I'm really truly trying to find a polite and respectful way to say this. The 4-piece bonus for Holy priests is the worst set bonus I have ever seen for any class, ever, at any time.

Option A: Chakra: Serenity. Reduces the CD of HW: Serenity by 20%. Now, keep in mind that HW: Serenity's already-mediocre 6-second 25% crit bonus has been repeatedly documented to be broken (i.e. not working at all) in both the healing forums and the bug forum, with no acknowledgement from Blizzard. Also keep in mind that most holy priests spend very limited time in Chakra: Serenity, because its buffs are fairly weak overall.

Still, this 20% CD reduction to a spell that's only a cheap, instant, low-throughput heal is probably the better deal, compared to:

Option B: Chakra: Sanctuary. Reduces the cooldown on HW: Sanctuary by 20%. In combination with Tome of Light, which we all take because we have nothing better to do with our talents, this reduces the CD on Sanc from 40 seconds to 20 seconds. With Sanc's 18-second duration, this could theoretically let us keep a HW: Sanc down 90% of the time. Sounds great, right?

Except that HW: Sanc is an incredibly expensive, incredibly situational spell that we already can't afford to cast anything like on cooldown, is only useful in stack phases in 25m raids, and then only because it currently has an unacknowledged bug causing it not to suffer from diminishing returns after 6 players.

I don't know what possessed you to create a 4p set bonus that does nothing but reduce the cooldown on two bugged spells, neither of which would be spectacular if they worked properly, and one of which would never be cast on a cooldownthat short because we could never afford it. But I urge you to rethink this decision.
i take back what i said. Dk dps 2 pc is ok: keep it. Dk dps 4pc sucks: change it.
Wow, I'm not liking the prot paladin set bonuses at all. 2 piece wont generate a significant enough absorb to be worth picking up unless 2 pieces happen to be itemized well enough that they're BIS anyways. Also why is it only physical damage?

4 piece seems incredibly lackluster compared to the warrior 4 piece which does the exact same thing except the duration is twice as long and it doesn't appear to have a max range. I'll admit that they do have to use their personal cooldowns to get the benefit though. As others have mentioned "your divine guardian now does what it used to do" doesn't make for a very fun 4 piece bonus either.
DPS Warrior Set Bonuses are Terrible, please go back to the drawing table.

You guys can go boring but effective if you want like:

2pc: Mortal Strike and Bloodthrist cost 40% less Rage.
4pc: Execute can now be used on targets with 40% Health or less.
Brilliant, guys. To combat the sheer randomness of a Retribution Paladin's 'rotation' you add a set bonus that adds more of it.

Seriously? Come on. Now every time we Judge, we can wonder if we'll add 1 holy power. We might, we might not.
Wow, why couldn't you just sum it up as follows:

Tier 13 set for All Classes
    2P -- Your w/e spell/ability has a chance to do double and 10-30% for 6-10sec
    4P -- Your Uber Spell has a reduced cooldown by 10-30%, and a chance to grant a silly quantity of x-stat.

Lots of creative thinking went into these I can tell guys! Umm... Keep up the hard work?
Blizz as you can see EVERY warrior on here agress our 2 and 4 piece are jokes... There horrible please go back to the drawing bored.
Well looks like ill be using 2 piece pvp bonus for hunter pvp.

Also rip Imp SS cause focus capped.

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