Patch 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses - 9/29

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Dude x2 focus!... Think a touch longer
make the kill shot a real kill shot not one you have to hit 3 or 4 times thats not a kill shot thats a lame shot is a kill shot.lets make the hunter class a real guys put to much in rogues and warlocks.give the hunters something good.
Keep in mind that hunters are now considered integral to raids, and are in much desire for heroics due to their other attributes. Hunters are mediocre at best for DPS, however they will be ranking in the top 5 dps of a 25 man with 4 pieces.
Awsome a prot pally can PWN now :D
Ret Pally 2p is pretty awesome, just for pure holy power generation. Cast judgement to run in quick, you got one holy power. Swing a crusader strike, two holy power. One more, then pop templar's verdict. Repeat. rotation will clean up a lot with this.
horrible enhancement 4 piece bonus. I will be using t12 2 set and t13 2 set.
Hunter 2p, makes up for the !@#$ty 4p. I was pulling 28k constant 10 man FL w/o using arcane shot at all in my rotation. JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT HERE BLIZZARD BUT PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: Arcane shot is much more detrimental to SV hunters, which your patch notes listed that you didn't want EVERY hunter switching to SV. Well, if you keep the 4p there won't be MM hunters anymore, because arcane shot lowers MM dps. You're buffing SV so much that you're doing exactly what you didn't want to do, making the other two specs obsolete in terms of dps superiority. Please just take this into account... The 2p i'm all for since cobra / steady are the main (one of them) abilities for every hunter no matter the spec. Arcane shot though is forcing our hand in the choice of spec. I could live w/ the changes you made to SV by rebuffing explosive shot, and i'll still play Marksman, but if you implement this 4p bonus, you're forcing my hand, and my fellow hunters hand, to choosing the SV talent tree, which quite frankly, is boring as %^-* on a giraffe (not very fun to play with is my point).
way to keep a nerf on locks
Resto shaman 4 piece is a joke. All these other classes get nice passive buffs but really giving us bonuses to crap like spirit walkers grace and mana tide which have 2 or 3 min Cd equals lame, think ill go for heroic tier 12 2 piece and enjoy the riptide passive bonus which helps more than the tier 13 crap
Warrior dps bonuses def need to be redone. They suck.

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