Patch 4.3: Tier 13 Set Bonuses - 9/29

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So the warrior DPS 2-piece will basically allow us to spam HS like rage doesn't matter...that already sounds a lot like how rage management was in Wrath. And the 4-piece is just plain awful, it just means more mindlessly reforging into crit. Not to mention how bad it is for arms.
"Besides this being a really situational cat bonus (looking at firelands and t11 content after the charge change there's little opportunity to charge), the 4 piece bonus is absolutely horrendous for feral dps. You're already asked to do resses, tranqs, rebuffing, picking stuff up in bear etc etc, this will just add another element of horrendously terrible game play. "Floofles go and sit in bear form and let your rage burn so you can heal the raid for 15 seconds!" this is not compelling at all."
- Floofles, Outland EU
Warlock set bonus absolutely scream Demonology warlock. That has got to the most overpowered 2pc for a demo warlock the games ever seen. Either doomguards getting nerfed or our secret weapon just became a nuclear warhead. The 2pc is also terrible for destro and afflic warlocks.

Our 4pc is also amazing for demonology but seems kinda meh for afflic and destro.
balance 4p t13 is worse than 4p t12?
Hunter 2 piece should be what they regen normally. Would smooth out rotations and help pvp a whole lot.
09/24/2011 07:30 PMPosted by Theweedgirl
wtf really shadow dance 4 piece set bonus for rouges wtf PVE gear that would be something for pvp gear sub spec sucks for raids

Sub hardly sucks for raids, it's just a headache to play.

Seems the set bonuses are aimed at getting more people to play sub by literally screwing combat 0.o They really couldn't be worse bonuses for combat. If I use a gcd on anything that doesn't cost energy, I could well cap. I WILL cap if that no-cost gcd reduces my energy costs.

Add to that the AR bonus. Judging what shadowcraft says, AR as a cooldown is worth about ~3000dps, assuming no latency to increase the risk of energy capping. Adding 3 seconds to that will be worth about 450 dps. That seems a very mediocre number for a 4 piece bonus.

As for that 2 piece, that's practically useless to combat. It's clearly made for shadow dance interaction and nothing more.

Horribly pigeon-holed bonuses.

2P -- The duration of your Doomguard and Infernal summons is increased by [15|45] sec and the cooldown of of those spells is reduced by 4 min. (45 for Demonology, 15 for non-Demonology.)
4P -- Soulburn grants a 10% increase to your spell power for 10 sec.

<3 <3

I think I'm in love with that 2pc.
Balance, 2P -- Insect Swarm increases all damage done by your Starfire, Starsurge, and Wrath spells against that target by 3%.
Balance, 4P -- Starsurge generates 100% extra Lunar or Solar energy while Eclipse is not active.

2P perfectly fine. Projected as around a 1.9% increase in overall DPS which is reasonable enough. We've had this exact bonus several times before; well, not exact, but in TBC we had a bonus where Moonfire increased Starfire's damage and in Wrath we had a straight 4% damage bonus on Wrath and Starfire that didn't require a DoT up.

It's a bit strange, now that I think about it, that it's only a 3% increase that's tied to a DoT when back in T9 we got a 4% increase in damage without any requirements. Still, it's not of major importance, the bonus itself is rather solid.

4P is something of a joke. Hamlet currently thinks that it's worth around a 1% increase in DPS, but I feel that's being overly generous. There are simply multiple problems with this set bonus.

First; the overall effect that it holds on our rotation is exactly the same as what we have with the T12 4 piece bonus. T12 4P reduces the number of Starfire/Wrath casts needed to reach an Eclipse proc by 1/2. T13 4P reduces the number of Starfire/Wrath casts needed to reach an Eclipse proc by 1/2, with the addendum that we now have to use Starsurge. Just like the 2P, it seems you're re-hashing old set bonus yet making them worse.

Second, balance druids don't generally cast Starsurge outside of Eclipse, and for good reason. For a Lunar Eclipse, we have to cast Starsurge once because doing so doesn't reduce the number of Starfires -- you cast 5 Starfires to break a Lunar Eclipse, or you can cast 1 Starsurge and 5 Starfires; the choice is clear. Because of the cooldown on Starsurge, we often can't cast it if we're around 50% of the way to a Lunar Eclipse otherwise we won't have it up for Eclipse.

To further expand on that, many rotational situations support using Starsurge during Eclipse rather than outside of it. For example, getting a Shooting Star proc while insider of Eclipse means that you will use that proc right as your Eclipse ends. In doing so, you "double up" on Eclipse casts. Eclipse damage is calculated upon spell completion, not spell landing. Any time this is done, it means that Starsurge will not be up in time in order to take advantage of the 4P bonus.

Essentially, this gives a very limited window for taking advantage of the 4P bonus, to the point that it might as well not even be there.

Edit -- It actually reduces the number of Wrath casts need by 2, I think. My mistake on that part.
Wow, the warrior dps bonuses are absolute pieces of !@#$. Although the hunter 2P bonus is incredible. Time to get my hunter into some serious raiding.
Moonkin bonuses look exceptionally boring.
Shaman Enhancement
2PC - expectable. it's a dps increase to only 1 ability we use fairly frequently, but doesn't really pack a punch. now it will be decent.
4PC - in addition to the 2PC you might think it's good, however, we already have a decent rate of acquiring MW stacks, this just means that there is more room for error and wasted stacks gained while wolves are active. There are 2 feral spirits. each one attacking at roughly once per second, giving a 90% bonus to generating an additional maelstrom weapon stack per second.

During heroism, plus trinket, plus pot, and fully raid buffed, you may want to keep your finger on lightning bolt (or spamming it regardless) as every other GCD it could be your next ability.
No one likes Tricks of the Trade based set bonuses, stop with this silliness.
09/24/2011 07:42 PMPosted by Zelexe
No one likes Tricks of the Trade based set bonuses, stop with this silliness.

The way I see it, trick's threat component is practically useless now, so they need to add something to it so that the skill is still worth pressing for the rogue. Otherwise it's just a ~2-3% dmg buff (glyph dependant) to some random dps in your raid.

And since creativity clearly hit the drink hard and stopped working for blizz, this is their solution.
09/24/2011 07:42 PMPosted by Zelexe
No one likes Tricks of the Trade based set bonuses, stop with this silliness.

Cause rogues don't use it on cooldown as it is.
Warrior DPS set bonuses were not well thought out.

The 2-piece encourages us to stack hit to make use of it, unless you plan to ensure we hit 27% hit in 4.3, it's a pretty bad/worthless bonus.

The 4-piece's has a bunch of issues.

1) It favors Arms over Fury, since Fury can only CS once every 20 seconds, and has more opportunities between 20-0% to take advantage of it from random refreshes.

2) Warriors are @ 25% or so crit in Heroic 4.2 Firelands gear, I doubt it's going to go up significantly for 4.3.

3) It's a proc of a proc of a proc. Only usable past 20% hp on a boss, it requires CS to already be up, CS lasts 6 seconds, of that 6 seconds, only 3 of your globals could be possible executes, of those 3 executes, one of them has to crit, of those that actually crit, it has a 20% chance to refresh it. Let's go through that one more time:

Requires sub 20%->Requires CS to be up(20 second cooldown)->3 execute opportunity->Requires execute to crit(25% chance)->20% chance on your 25% crit execute to refresh.

That's way too many requirements and too low of a chance to be a signifigant dps increase for a 4 piece.
No one likes Tricks of the Trade based set bonuses, stop with this silliness.

Cause rogues don't use it on cooldown as it is.

Right now, set bonuses aside, all tricks does is give you a button to press that'll slightly buff someone ELSE'S damage and potentially energy cap you as combat.

It's a terrible ability, and if they don't tack on this sort of crap like the t12 and proposed t13 bonuses, it'd be of zero gain for a rogue to press (in a 10man at least, where tricks circle-jerking doesn't happen), and a potential loss for a combat rogue due to risking energy capping scenarios.
holy 2p looks like crap like 4p bonus though could be very useful

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