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Hey all,

I've been looking at the stuff that's been released so far about the upcoming 5-mans, and what I haven't seen (though maybe I haven't looked through enough stuff) is any indication as to whether or not these will give Keepers of Time rep. I'm working on filling out my old reps but will put it on the backburner if it'll be available with the next round of dungeons. Does anyone know if this has been mentioned, and I've just not looked at the right stuff?

Thanks in advance!
Probably not. CoT:Stratholm didn't as far as I know because of the rep tabards that came in Wrath. Cata carried on with that rep gaining. Probaly the only way to get rep is by doing the old BC CoT instances.
Blizzard has stated a few times they don't want vetran/long term players to have any inherent advantage over newer players hence reputations and factions from previous expansions are not used for any form of current content.

If there was a new 4.3 Bronze Dragonflight rep it'd be "Guardians of Eternity" or something, even though you're just helping Nozdormu and co. again, similarly to how there's the Cenarian Circle in Silithus, then the Cenarion Refuge for their Outland Branch, or the Argent Dawn then the Argent Crusade when Fordring reformed it for Northrend.

We'll know soon, but I wouldn't expect anything to affect old reputations.

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