Rogue Legendary Daggers: First Look

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Agreed my good sir.
I cannot wait to see it :D

09/23/2011 09:10 AMPosted by Necrodemus
This is nice now can we get a sneak peak of the dk tier 13?
You have got to ask yourself......

What killed Superman?
sounds epic
Rogue Daggers give you wiiiiiiiiings!
You have got to ask yourself......

What killed Superman?
superman had bat wings?
But rogues are already so superior... do we really need to rub it in all the other classes' faces like this?

damn the rogues D: lucky btards

bring back legendaries that anyone can use.
would be cool if when you vanish you like wrap the wings around you and then poof
Dang, so much rogue hatin goin on, who unstealthed this topic?
You have got to ask yourself......

What killed Superman?
superman had bat wings?

no, batman killed superman in 1991.
You have got to ask yourself......

What killed Superman?

Superman engages in battle with a seemingly unstoppable killing machine named Doomsday in the streets of Metropolis. At the fight's conclusion, both combatants die from their wounds
I can fly... Why? BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!
Wait, seriously though... Almost no rogues PvE... Though this will probably change that somewhat, most rogues will stay doing what they're best at: PvP. I'm mostly saying this because... I know I'll never have this on my rogue :(
No wonder you threw in the batman outfit striking the super awesome pose... the daggers alone look like FL boe trash epics. Till now every legendary had a very unique and distinctive look that instantly stood out from everything else. The orange outline on the daggers look little more than a 1h version of Zoid's Firelit Greatsword
The warlock forums called. They want their wings back.
Seriously, Warlocks, just because you have been whining for something and haven't got it doesn't mean you have to go QQ on Rogue Legendary's threads. That isn't going to help you at all.

Grats to rogues, I see less and less rogues every day, and since a rogue was my first class played, I am happy to see them coming back for the legendaries.

As for you all saying this is our 3rd legendary/s, let's have a look.

Thunderfury - Usable by ALL classes that can use 1 handed swords. Warriors were preferred for this weapon over rogues.

Warglaives - Another weapon usable by not just rogues, but warriors also. (Death knights later on, but when they were outdated.)

New Legendaries; Rogue only.
You won't be seeing any more Rogue only items for a long time now, so stop !@#$%ing about it, and be happy your class may be coming soon.

Pro tip - Warriors aren't getting anything anytime soon, either.

Personally, I think it's time for a new healing legendary. We have had one, ever.

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