Rogue Legendary Daggers: First Look

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You've obviously never mained a rogue this expansion. Do you have any idea what it's like to sit on the bench pull, after pull, after pull, not because of some personal fault or playing ability you have, but the fact that Blizzard hasn't given rogues any major buff/debuff that other classes can't easily bring, being a melee in CASTERCLYSM, and unless in full t12 BIS, being miserably behind the other classes in DPS and doing just as much work (more than the faceroll mages who were graced and powered even further with their own legendary, BTW).

Rogues outperform all other melee atm in terms of dps. The buffs can be easily brought by casters rather than other melee. It's a fact that casters > melee in general and they can bring their own buffs and debuffs.

It's more to do with the fact melee as a whole is pretty much a hindrance to raid completion and that 10 man guilds have less space for melee as a whole. So with 6 different melee (rogues class as one of the 6 regardless) there's a lot of competition for that one melee spot..

Rogues are still better than melee.. it's just that caster domination doesn't show it. Rogues as a class are ok.. it's the raid design against melee that isn't.
09/23/2011 09:26 AMPosted by Torlx
Looks awesome! The daggers themselves look pretty rad to. Our rogues will love it. And warlocks, please keep asking for stuff for your class, I want my future bow to shoot green fire!

Warlocks do have a legendary for them at the moment, it's Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest. Now if warlocks haven't bothered to get this then its not my or anyone elses problem >.>
These daggers better end up letting you fly. The last thing I heard was that it was just aesthetic(Or like slow fall or something).
I mean Tarecgosa's Rest lets you fly, so these daggers should to!
falling or flying please clarify if this is true because I think your trolling us
I thought after the "Hunter" legendary (Thoridal) blizz decided to never make a legendary specifically for one class. Has that changed or am I mistaken?
cool beans going to have to make a rouge now haha
This is all fine and dandy but at what point through WoWs lifetime will a Tank actually get a Tank Legendary item??? So far, Rogues/Warrs/Druids/paladins in Vanilla, Rogues again, Hunters, Subpar Casters of all types in BC, Heals DK/ DPS warr/ Pallies in WoTLK, and Caster Dps so far in Cata.. But no Tanks.... now I realize Thunderfury was used as a tanking weapon and it did fairly well... but it was mainly a dps weapon. So this is number 3 for rogues and still no Tank
Blizzard, fix this please .. us tanks would love to actually get something pertaining to us. Also can you at least give tanks a break for once in raids. Just saying its nice to get the raid all their upgrades first and all.. but its a bit more of a challenge to progress when alot of the tank gear is deeper in the raid. The tanks are one of the most important roles in a raid if they cant take the hits or mitigate properly then the whole raid fails or puts extreme stress on heals resulting in a higher potential for wipes.
Thunderfury was used as a tanking weapon and it did fairly well... but it was mainly a dps weapon

Thunderfury was most definitely mainly a tank weapon. It's proc alone (now removed) was an awesome threat generator.

For when will tanks get a legendary, I'm not sure if Blizzard will stick with class specific niche, or just general niche. If they go general niche, then tanks are probably next in line. If class specific, it'll depend on which class gets it next.
They've already said that a tanking legendary is too subjective to each individual class...Shields and 1H would only benefit Warriors and Paladins. Any other type would be dependent on the class. You can't have one without snubbing at least two of the other tanking types. Isn't it enough that tanks will (obviously) be brought along on every raid? Read what I said on the last page.

Now, what I think is important to note is that, yes, Rogues in theory and on top parses are high on melee DPS. What you're failing to realize is that this also means that it's best-case scenario. Everything BIS. Rogues are insanely gear-dependent.

We share a stat (agility) with Hunters and Feral Bears, who are higher up on loot priority than us due to their importance as a ranged and Tank, respectively, along with Feral Cats and Enhance Shamans who are on the same level of priority. We're at best, number two in loot priority (assuming just one hunter in a ten-man), and at worst, like 4-6 in most 25s for loot priority. Yes, we get leather and hunters/shamans get mail, but I'm talking the off-pieces. The rings, necks, and most importantly, the TRINKETS.

This isn't a class like DKs or fury warriors that can put up great numbers with less than great gear because of class and talent bonuses as opposed to the stat bonuses Rogues need. So why would they bring us over a hunter if it's going to take forever to get us geared enough to be competitive with Warriors and DKs? And at least those classes can offer great buffs/debuffs to the raid.

Now, while I have sympathy for you Enhance Shamans who've been asking for a legendary, and I would be perfectly fine with a Legendary Axe or Mace instead that we could share (even if you would be higher on priority for it than us rogues x_x) but the fact is that you'll still be brought into raids because both your off-trees (Ele and Resto) are extremely viable in the raiding environment. There's a reason there's so few rogues that raid as opposed to nearly all of the other classes, and that's because we're the ones that sit on the bench the most. Know why? We are the ONLY PURE MELEE DPS CLASS IN THE GAME!

Warriors, Paladins, DKs, Feral Druids, you can ALL TANK. Druids, Shamans, Paladins, YOU CAN ALL HEAL. Rogues are the red-headed step-child because all we can do is melee DPS, which as many people know, is inferior in Casterclysm. We barely have a decent AoE (Fan of Knives) and it's ONLY useful in the Assassination spec. We need something that makes us stand out as a class that can be represented in the raiding environment again, otherwise we'd all just switch to PvP and say "Screw sitting out while the rest of my guild raids."

This isn't about "SHINY ORANGE TEXTZ!" or "ZOMG Batman wings! Nanananananananana BATMAN!". As a side note, all of you who are whining about those aspects obviously aren't skilled enough to get a legendary to begin with, because many of you are casters that already have access to Dragonwrath! You'll just admire those in Trade District that DO have it. This is about class viability and being competitive enough with ranged to warrant being brought along and bring high damage to the table, because that is ALL WE DO. We can't attack ranged, we can't tank, we can't heal, we're stuck being the only class in the game that HAS to be in the enemy's face and not even be its main target.

Just something to think about...again, all of you who are complaining that rogues get this legendary have never had the "joy" of being a Rogue in a progressive raiding guild and felt the let-down of being sat day...after day...after day.
This is CRAP! this should have been warlock flight form!
I love this idea!!! i think it looks fantastic....but if you have ever read the dark elf book, drizzt has a nemesis, that has a cloak that gives him the ability to fly, and he is an assassin... BUT i do love them!
36 pages of mind-numbing batman and red bull jokes aside, I gotta say, that looks pretty neat. Well done. :)
Iiiiiiii just wanna fly, put your arms around me baby put your arms around me baby.
Sadly, wings are just an aesthetic element.


Q: Do the wings fly or are just for modeling?
A: No, they are just an aesthetic element.
Its Wrath of the Lich King all over again, but instead of DK's, everyone and their grandmother will be on rogues just for a chance at some fancy bat wings :p
So i have a question, doesnt it seem like blizz is hating on casters? Think about it, in BC they had a legendary that !!!ROGUES!!! and warriors could use. In LK they had a weapon that pallys, wars, and dks use...... not a single staff... wand... or anything... idk... just my thoughts on the matter.
Oh yeah baby, now I have something else to look forward to and not be able to get...

So true, I hate it when other classes just troll about us bring OP... or something stupid like that.

Maybe now we will be the top dogs!

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