Rogue Legendary Daggers: First Look

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Personally, I think it looks ridiculous. The T13 rogue gear, I mean. The daggers themselves are alright and if they get a proc-effect with flaring wings, that's cool.

But I'm going to be irate if the first class with functional 'wings' in this game are rogues.
These "wings" better just be a visual, or if it really allows them to fly, it must behave similar to other mounts, such as the most recent legendary that lets casters turn into a dragon. No druid instant-transform flight like behavior, that will be totally imbalanced.

Vanilla - tanks and sword-wielding dps get a neat legendary, strength based DPS get a mace, and casters & healers get a staff that's later removed.

TBC - Warriors and Rogues receive a pair of awesome-looking, powerful legendaries. Ranged get a Legendary bow that wasn't all that great considering its status.

Wrath - Healing classes gain a cool hammer, and strength based DPS classes get probably the best legendary in the game, lore-wise.

Cataclysm - the elemental-oriented expansion, gives a Legendary to both casters and Rogues (again). Thanks for leaving out Shamans, asshats.
Jaw dropping cool!
Just a suggestion,

The coloring of the blades looks off, it doesn't match the tier color or wings

We don't want to be batman :/

I don't want to anyway ._.

Shaman/elemental - oriented expansion give a Legendary to both casters and Rogues. Thanks for leaving out Shamans, asshats.

2 ele shamans getting teregosa in my guild :3

I think his point is it's not elemental themed, but themed off the blue dragons. There is nothing that screams "shaman" this xpac and it's supposed to be the dragon and elemental xpac. I meant the closest thing we got was bailing out Thrall and that wasn't unique to shamans. Also I felt weird bailing out the world shaman when I'm just some scrub shaman who isn't special.
Dear Blizzzard,

I am trying to contain my anger while wasting my breath typing this, for the simple fact that you obviously don't care.

You created a good (at first) Expansion that involves Elements and Shamans, who's main Protagonist is the best Shaman in Warcraft Universe - Thrall. Yet Shamans didn't get anything spectacular this Expansion. You're actually spitting in their faces by giving Rogues a Legendary.

Warlocks have been asking for Demonic Wings, or a Demonic Flying Mount for 3 Expansions now, yet there's never been "time" for us. Yet there is always plenty of time for everything else.

I can't be constructive when Blizzard employers are sarcastic towards their customers be it with in game developments or in person at Blizcon, when instead of showing courtesy for people paying for your Product, they offer sarcastic responses.

Good Job,

PS: Losing almost 1 million subscribers in the past year wasn't a clue obviously, keep up with the good work, maybe you'll be able to play among yourselves then.

So since warlocks are the 2nd least played class (right there with rogues), does that mean we'll get extra special fun time sometime soon as well?
The Twin Blades of Azzinoth need an update it seems...

* It'd be nice if we could get the Legendary that was randomly stripped out of the game back. Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (it'd fit in Karazhan scaled to 70 - and renamed 'Ghostly Greatstaff of the Guardian' to vary from the originals)

While the removal of Ashbringer was understandable as Wrath reclaimed it, Atiesh dying just because Naxx moved is silly when we have older legendaries that are still available.

I have a druid that would love to be able to complete his Druid of the Talon appearance with that staff and it's idle raven animation.
As a warlock... seeing rogues with these wings saddens me.
Captain! We're receiving transmission from the future! I'm putting it on the screen now!


[Stabbystabs] says: IM BATMAN
[Gankyo] says: NO I AM
[Trixntrade] yells: I AM THE REAL BATMAN!
[Poplockndotit] says: y so serious
That is !@#$ing awesome.
It's like Aion all over again!
So we casters get a recolored version of the Oculus mount with a new head/rave stick legendary and rogues get wings? Thanks Blizz.
So much nerdrage.

think about it this way - we still wont be able to get these daggers because we do not do enough damage to warrent getting into the raid.

So while you're chafing about the wings (which look like a slowfall effect, and nothing else) bear in mind that for a "pure DPS" class, rogues have been given the short end of the stick for a whole expansion (hell, one could point out, we've been given it since Vanilla, but that's longer than some people remember, and they always seem to think that the ten days we were overpowered in Wrath should make up for the YEARS of BS we've put up with).

So...who the hell cares if rogues get some legendary daggers. It's not like we're going to be allowed into the raids where they drop - we aren't going to get a damage buff warranting a Raid Leader suddenly bring us!

The 'only' thing that concerns me is the idea of these rogue-only daggers granting the first functional wings in the game.

They could make him look like Batman, complete with Batmobile and I wouldn't care.

Wings, though...Warlocks have been asking for those for years.
Hrm... "rogues are underplayed this expac, how can we boost their popularity?"

"give them a legendary?... and have it give them wings?"


Guilds are going to be going from running 0 rogues to having half their team wanting to swap to their rogue alt...

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