25m <Drachefaust> AM Guild Recruiting! 6/8HDS

Hi everyone!

<Drachefaust> is a pre-bc raiding guild on Garona server (A). We've progressed through all game content, and now off to Dragonsoul. Members come and go, but the core players have sticked around throughout tough and easy content.

We are 6/8 Heroic Dragonsoul in our heroic group, 1/8 heroic in second group.

As of today we have 2 strong 10 man groups, and plan on switching back to 25m in MOP.

Here is some basic information about us:


Raid time: Wed, Thurs, Mon 8-11:30AM Server time (CST)

Progress:6/8 Heroic Dragonsoul

Server: Garona, Alliance

Vent is not required, but we use one.

Attendance - try to make 80% of the time (But we all have lives and families, so if you got stuff to do, you will be understood). Though high attendance is always rewarded!

Recruiting: As of today we are open to all ranged dps (closed for healers, tanks and melee).

Website: www.drachefaust.guildlaunch.com


Feel free to contact Samarita through game chat or via mail, or ask for any officer. Best time to contact - before or after raid hours. Applicants from horde side or other servers - send me a real ID invite to olenajones@yahoo.com

Good luck and have a nice day!

- Samarita
4 post guys smh lol
yeah lol... Dint know :P
So um... Gnomes... Better dead or alive?
yeah gnomes are bad... and loot theives... *glares at samas new shoulders* grrrr....
Raid times are 8am - 11:30 am.

And Lionblaze is a furry. =P
Dam gnomes... stealing my tokens and gear.... *glares at xuvia's new ring*... why did i frget to roll!??! *cry*
Got the raid time changed to server time :)
This server is a CST server am I correct? Do you all have a website?
We do but noone uses it lol... Come and talk to Samarita or Veen ingame are you online right now?
Can you give us your real ID to contact you?
If you are interested in joining the guild, send me a real ID invite to olenajones@yahoo.com
Dam gnomes... Little guys with big rolls...
Bump for ragnaros kill! Onto heroics!
Bump, need more pink haired gnomes!
More furries!!!!
1/7 HC nao, need moar noms pl0x
Heroic ryo and domo we come FOR U!!!
Rageface likes little bite size gnomes!

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