25m <Drachefaust> AM Guild Recruiting! 6/8HDS

Progression update, we have killed heroic Shannox, working on heroic Majordomo and Lord Rhyolith!


Recruitment: Full on shamans, hunters, tanks, shadowpriests. Still have 1 opening for a mele dps and a few more ranged, such as mages, locks. Can discuss other roles with me in game.
We have like, 1 mage and 1 warlock....Gnome's preferred but not required.
Pshh GNOMES we need more FURRIES!
FL 5/7 N 25 man in one day, may be tomorrow i'll be 7/7 25 man normal ran out of time today
need more dps hehe
We 23manned most of it :P the hard ones anyways :P the only 2 fights we had all 25 where shann and beth.....Cmon u dps!!! Wakey wakey
Cmon 25man drops 3 more peices of loot and shannox STILL doesnt give me an OH/ring...Ko'gun is sad :(
Hello guys!
I'm posting an update on what classes/ roles we need most atm, and which ones we are closed to.
I would also like to add that we can't accept any more zero level applicants (i.e. 359 gear). If you intend to apply as dps, you must do 16k minimum on Firelands bosses, have at least some experience and if you don't, learn 7/7 from guides/ youtube.

Closed:- Tanks (any class)

- Healers - priests, shamans

- Mele dps - closed to all but rogues

- Ranged dps - hunters, shadowpriests


- Ranged DPS
- Mages
- Boomkins
- Warlocks

If your class isn't listed, please come talk to me.

Best way to app is add me to Real ID (olenajones@yahoo.com), come talk to me in the morning (char. Samarita, Delvina) or send in-game letter.

We do have raid spots, so don't be shy!
tom brady does not approve of this thread.
Killed heroic Majordomo this morning, <Drachefaust> is now 2/7 heroic!
The new guild website is up!

Have an opening for a shadowpriest :)
2/8 DS! In the first day :)
<Drachefaust> is currently 4/8 Dragonsoul, planning on more kills this Monday.
Also we have recruitment open once again for healers, ranged and mele dps; closed for tanks, warriors and rogues.
go go go go go go recruit.
Lets go go go guys!
6/8 now
So you guys are not in a need of tanks atm? I have an ele shaman alt and an almost complete dps set for my DK. I wouldn't mind the bench tbh. I am getting switched to overnights at work so this schedule would be perfect for me!
7/8 now! And still need some good RDPS and heals! Good job on madness! we can get it next week!
Happy New Year!

At the moment we're good on ranged and mele dps, but have opening for a few good healers - shaman, holy (with disc off-spec) priest or resto druid. We are good on paladins but will make exceptions for exceptional players!

Apply at the web-site or come talk to me in-game.

- Samarita

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