25m <Drachefaust> AM Guild Recruiting! 6/8HDS

8/8 now GJ guys heroic morchok is next!
Bump 6/8 25man
Full on healers at the moment, ranged dps, feel free to apply!
Where are all the hunters O.o ?
Once again open for 1 more full time healer (pally preferred), feel free to contact!

- Sama
25man 8/8 DS GOOD JOB!

Edit: Spelling... Yes Nonews I fixed it :P
Classy guild, would recommend to friends.
I would recommend Lion learn to spell! Then again at least learn to proof read!
Err.. Good job rather haha :P... Thanks deb :D.. I hope blizz doesnt cut out 25mans next expac and make em actually rewarding to do ... All the 25s out there are dying D:
Recruitment closed on MDPS(Except for DKs) Tanks, Healers( Except for Hpaladins and Rdruids) And RDPS( Though any exceptional RDPS are encouraged to app ie 25k+ dps). For more info please go on to our website or search for me or Samarita/Delvina ingame
You can also add us on Real ID Me- Altair_timaeus@hotmail.com
Sama- Olenajones@yahoo.com
Looking to talk to you future applicants soon!

Lionblaze, Greatest in the world xD
02/16/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Lionblaze
Lionblaze, Greatest in the world xD

Umm hmmm? I don't know what to say!
Congrats Koottickle on Legendary Daggers!!!
b u m ppp for a group of awesome people in DF , miss you <3
Heroic Morchok down this week
Recruitment needs as of right now:
-Moonkin(Open for exceptional applicants)

Closed for all specs

Closed for all specs

Open for exceptional applicants any spec


Closed for all specs

Low, Open for exceptional applicants


Closed for all specs

Closed for all specs
Need a hunter/Warlock/Resto druid/Resto shaman/ Any HM geared or experienced applicants
Update: We have switched back to 10mans to progress further. 25man ATM is put on hold until MoP

Recruitment is closed

Lionblaze is still the best in the world
3/8 HM DS 10man aiming for 6/8 HM (2 more days left) go go!
Heroic ultraxion down , hagara next week blackhorn on monday go go!
Progress update: 5/8 Heroic on 10m

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