[A] Dedication 25M (GMT+8) H DS recruitment

Busy on monday, but we're still recruiting!
New raid week!
Tomorrow's Friday - happy hours imminent!
Looking forward to more applications.
Sunday almost ending..
New raid week..
25Man let's go!
Still looking for more members.
Friday night...oops no..Saturday morning..
Still recruiting.
Bump ~ I'm still alive for 4.3~
Dragon Soul normal 8/8 25mans completed tonight.
Heroics next raid reset...woohoo!
Bump - H Morchok 25man down!
And we're still looking for good players to join our ranks!
3 10-M hardmodes done for this short week.
Happy Chinese New Year holidays, people!
Obtained our 1st pair of Golad, Twilight of Aspects & Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages.

Good work guys!
up you go :)

Still recruiting to maintain 25man raiding!

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