Bringing Back Lightbringer!

So, I am obtaining the Tier 6 Lightbringer set as my mogging set... which I will admit is a hell of a lot better than my first choice.... Scarlet Monastery set.

So, I've gotten most of the pieces outside of the Hands & Head (Yay, Battle for Mount Hyjal...)

I've also found a very nice weapon to go with Lightbringer! ( The Brutalizer )

I want to get the Phoenix-Wing Cloak as my back piece... but this raises a good question..

What the hell should I use for my shield?

Give me suggestions, and discuss what you want to get for your mogging set, I might just try to get it, too!
Royal Crest of Lordaeron

Not really debatable.

As for what I will use my sets will consist of what I'm wearing now (with varying weapons), Tier 4, Tier 5 and Sanctified Tier 10.

There may be more later, but that's my goal for now and I'm almost done. Just need my Tier 4 Hands and a few off pieces like belts and such.
I must admit, I do miss using that shield.. unfortunately, just soloed Heroic Culling of Stratholme and it didn't drop... so now I get to try again tomorrow.
Working on mine too. Just need gloves and boots (and the offset bracers from akama...but since you cant see the bracers thats not a big deal).

I really like the way the blue PVP tailoring cloaks (or the first cata honor cloaks) look with the T6 set.

For shields? Sunward Crest+Quickening Blade of the Prince goes very well and the sword SHEATHES on the the BACK making it even more badass.

Here is a pic of Feanorion a friend of mine in his set with those weapons:

Personally though i plan to use my Quel'Serrar and dont like my shields to look like helmets. Im trying to farm up a Felstone Bulwark to go with it.

My favorite shield in game is probably Shield of Impenetrable Darkness and once i farm it back up ill probably say screw it and just use it instead.

Royal Crest of Lordaeron

Not really debatable.

It does go nicely together but the helmet shield goes better imho, and looks alot better when its on the back. I think Felstone will go very well but the orange stone in the middle gives me doubts.

Also be aware that the Light bringer bracers/belt/boots DO NOT go with the Lightbringer set and instead go with the tier 6.5 set instead:;34560:34433:34488:34401:34382:34389:34216:34240:34214:30909#.

Those three pieces came out with sunwell and were designed to go with the sunwell T6.5 gear.

The actual Belt/bracers/boots designed to go with the T6 set are:
Boots: Pearl Inlaid Boots or Tide-Stomper's Greaves from High Warlord Naj'entus-First boss of BT
Bracers: The Seeker's Wristguards From Shade of Akama-Third Boss of BT

Belts: Girdle of Lordaeron's Fallen-Teron Gorefiend 4th boss of black temple (this is red and matches the PVP lookalike set better)
Girdle of Mighty Resolve-Gurtogg Bloodboil- 6th boss of Black Temple (red instead of blue)
Girdle of the Lightbearer-Black temple zone drop (red instead of blue)
And this belt: Waistguard of Reparation Vendor on the isle and one in shatt by the portal to the isle (blue matching PVE set better making it the best belt for transmog despite actually coming out with sunwell)
You could always get the level 60 pvp shield. It's a really bold yellow like your shoulders. But it has blue on it and a lion I think.

The shield from culling of stratholme is nice too. I haven't been able to find too many gold shields. I have a lawbringer set that I have the 60 pvp mace and shield for.

The gold sword from BWL is nice too. I also have the shield from BWD nef and the gold and green 1h mace from a boss in Kara, goes nice together( the greens), might look good with lightbringer too.

This set to me is the coolest though. Most unique anyways. Once I get the belt from The Eye and the shield from Gruul, it'll be complete.
I think I might just go with the Royal Crest, because Lightbringer was based off of Uther, and he was a Paladin of Lordaeron, so it just flows quite well.
I just stick with my Bulwark of Azzinoth
Just finished completing the set last week with the BT boots finally dropping :) Now working on Crusader title to get the tabard that will go nicely with the set. I know this set is mogged a lot, but I love it and will continue to use it. The boots drop from BT and not Sunwell...
Have a looksy, OP. =3

I still need to get the correct boots and belt, but they never drop for me. =(
It's an awesome set, I would love to put mine on but I'm missing a good mace to xmog that would match it so I'm stuck with just using Vengeful. I can't really get myself to liking the helm tho, the shoulders are nice but that glow is too much lol.

Also whats a good 2h sword for the set?

Maybe look at some low level greens/blues from the AH. In terms of a 2H sword, I'm using Quel'delar, Might of the Faithful. That's a match


Waistguard of Reparation matches the set perfectly and is available from the armor vendor in Isle of Quel'denas. The matching boots drop off 1st boss of BT. I finally had them drop after 4 weeks of farming. GL to you :)
i have got most of the pieces to the lightbringer set and i was wonder what back piece would look good with this set
Pennant Cloak goes exceedingly well with Lightbringer.
thanks it really goes good with the set
Royal Crest of Lordaeron

Not really debatable.

I find that shield matches better with Tier 2 than Tier 6. The Tier 6 yellow is a bit more pale than the yellow accents on the Crest.

The shield from Shattered Sun offensive is a much better match, Sunward Crest. Just a protip : Don't go from Neutral to Exalted with that faction in 1 day.... oh the agony...
I am using the Merciless Gladiator's Salvation for this set. The white glow/sparkle it has makes you look even more like a holy warrior
Stupid cow, funny necro dead threads
Stupid cow, funny necro dead threads

This thread has been necro'ed time and time again. Oh look, my old self from July on Alleria!


Dunno why the armory still shows me on Alleria after the server transfer to Darkspear. It's snap shotted in the past too.
Long shot but i prefer this cape model Permafrost Cape For Lightbringer
That is a cool cape I just made the Night's End which looks just like the Pennant Cloak

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