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What does it mean when someone says, so and so "got globaled"?
Killed in the space of a global cooldown.
09/27/2011 03:46 AMPosted by Sarrianna
They got One shot

Not necessarily.

You'll still say you got globaled if 4 people did it, but you probably wouldn't say you got one shot.
Someone tossed a globe at you.
Did not actually know what this term meant. Thanks OP!
09/27/2011 03:35 AMPosted by Choonster
Killed in the space of a global cooldown.

Good old PoM + Pyro…
It means you got ganked, son. It means that when you looked at that warrior the wrong way that he meant business.Remember when you let that arcane mage freecast? It's that, except instantly. NO ONE interrupts their healer and gets away with it. Knockdown -> bladestorm puts bread on the table, and when there are mouths to feed, there are mouths to feed. Did you honestly think that you could get in the spriests face and pressure him? AFTER THE MORNING COMMUTE? hell no.He needs coffee, and he'll hang you out to dry if you dare buzz around him like a gnat. He needs points, man, and if he has to kill to get them, then who are you to stop him? Sometimes you have a healer healing you(!), but that's no good because he'll turn around and shatter them for daring to be an inconvenience. You'll think:"hey he killed me in like 2 seconds wtf!" Maybe you should L2P because if you get globaled, then that means you aren't doing the globaling. Global or BE globaled. Survival of the gankest, kid. If you're in cloth then you SHOULD be globaled by melee, it's the natural order, and you don't go !@#$ing with the order. Are you god? NO, so bow down and accept the %^- kicking like a good boomkin. ice mages, on the other hand, they know their stuff. they know that they can cast deep freeze and gain extra crit chance. YOU KNOW WHY? because they learned to play. Melee sees them and they say"You live...for now" YOU KNOW WHY? because they learned to play.

Healers. You get their HP down and they heal right back up lickity split because they KNOW HOW TO PLAY. unless they're a shaman, then they KNOW HOW TO BANG THE KEYBOARD AGAINST THEIR *!@. Every good resto shaman has spirit link totem keybound to the spacebar.

I guess the lesson here is that just because someone looks different than you, and thinks different than you, doesn't mean you should be afraid of them. IT MEANS YOU SHOULD BE ANGRY AT THEM, HOW DARE THEY BE DIFFERENT!
I thought it meant when all your spells are on GCD. Guess I was wrong.
09/27/2011 03:35 AMPosted by Choonster
Killed in the space of a global cooldown.

This is what it refers to.

You pretty much got wrecked so hard that you didn't even survive through a global cooldown of your abilities.
thats what i thought it was

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