6/8H Driven LF Mage Priest, Mage, Hunter

We are currently looking for players that can provide high DPS and great healing while being aware of their surroundings.

Who We Are:

We are one of only a few guilds left on server that were formed on launch day. We have been a successful raiding guild for over 5 years - having cleared all 40 man content in original WoW except Naxx, having cleared all Burning Crusade content including Kalecgos pre-nerf, we are 12/12 ICC 25 with 5/12 HMs and 12/12 ICC 10 with 11/12 HMs. We have a solid core that has raided together for a long time and, more importantly, know how to raid successfully.

We are 5/8H in current content.

We are all adults with real lives that enjoy raiding together. We have a three day raid schedule (Tues through Thurs 6-10 PST) that leaves weekends free for libations, women, song or whatever trouble one could find themselves in. We maintain a drama free, fun raiding environment with a fair loot system (EPGP). We believe that you can kill content, have fun, and have a life all at the same time.Who We Are Looking For:We are looking for people that are good players and good people as well. We require that you know your class well, keep abreast of changes to your class and the encounters we will be facing. We require that you come to raids on time and prepared with all flasks and food buffs. Equally important, we require that you are a good person. A sense of humor is vital as we value having a good time while raiding. If you are prone to drama, infighting, or general douchebaggery, you need not apply.

What We Are Offering:

We offer a great raid environment with no drama and an understanding that real life comes first. We offer a short raid schedule and a chance to see all content, to raid competitively while still having drinks with the boys or watching football on the weekends. We offer a place where you will feel at home and an opportunity to find a place to raid for a long time. If this interests you, go to www.drivencenarius.com for more info. We are looking forward to hearing from you!TLDR

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Launch day guild

Successfully cleared most content from vanilla to current

3 days a week

Drama free


5/8H DS
6/7H FL

Tues, Wed, Thurs 6-10 PST.Go to www.drivencenarius.com for more info.
Still looking for a few more people.
Still looking to fill a couple spots for 4.3.
Are you guys still doing Firelands at all? I'm currently 740/1000 cinders and i'd be interested in finishing that along with raiding DS. If so whats your progression?
Still looking.
Looking for a great healer.
Still looking for strong ranged DPS and a strong Healer.
Still looking for a great healer and one more great ranged DPS.
Hey Juug I'd like to talk with you if possible sometime, i'll try to catch you soon
Holy Pallies and Locks welcome.
still looking
Still looking
Still looking
How many launch day toons are left in Driven to date?
01/14/2012 03:00 PMPosted by Waremblem
How many launch day toons are left in Driven to date?

Thanks for the bump!

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