8 month hiatus. Got some questions.

Death Knight
So as the title says, I havent played since pre 4.1. And been pondering on whats the desired pvp spec, back in the day it was unholy, but ive heard both frost and UH are pretty cool depending on comp.

As far as frost goes, should i DW or 2h?

Also as most of my friends quit, I'll be doing mostly BGs/2's for the time being so no real interest in PVE.
2h is better for pvp
10/02/2011 11:15 AMPosted by Vaeth
2h is better for pvp

yes trust the pve hero

dw and 2h both do fine. its personal preference.

dw gets more killing machine procs for more crits
2h generates more rp for less downtime due to more frost strikes

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