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Hello Peoples!

We are a friendly/casual core 10 man team on blackrock, Our guys are out of Top 300 25s who just wanted a slightly reduced schedule (3 days vs 4-5) and less drama and thus a 10 man raiding environment. I think all of us are 25-35 and thus we are recruiting for a mature gamer who takes their game time seriously and respects their teams time as much as they respect their own and just flat out rocks at mashing keys.

We are recruiting several extra spots for the upcoming expansion. We are looking for raiders with heroic experience; preferably spanning multiple tiers. We do realize there are great raiders stuck in horrible guilds. We are looking for people with the right attitude and skill set and if you can run three days a week 9-12 Pacific we should talk ASAP. We look forward to hearing from you! Please make sure to fill your app out in its entirety as it is our first impression of you!

Quick Info
Group 1
Sever: Blackrock
Progression: 7/7 Firelands
8/8 HM DS
-H: Warlord Zon'ozz
-H: Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
-H: Morchok
-H: Ultraxion
-H: Hagara the Stormbinder(5% buff)
-H: Warmaster Blackhorn(5%buff)
-H: Spine of Deathwing(15%buff)
-H: Madness of Deathwing(15%buff)
Time: 9pm-12am PST
Raiding days:3 (Mon-Sun-Wed/Days may change but it is always 3 days and for 3 hours)

1 Hunter** Highest Priority
1 Lock** Highest Priority
1 Mage**Highest Priority

Full atm

If you have any questions please PM or In game mail our Raid Leaders Glixx. If you would like you can add Glixx to your RealID: teampelf@yahoo.com(also main email) for any further Questions you may have. Post an application will get you a faster response.

Click below for our application to our site here:
Hope to talk with you soon.
Need dps for this wed come apply!
just need a hunter
still looking for hunter
bump still looking
come on dps

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