looking for wow players in melbourne

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hey ppls i am actually looking for wow players in melbourne, i have been playing the game for near 6 years and neva found another person playing the game in melb, victoria yes but not melbourne.
i only have alliance toons and greymane has been the toons home for this time.

so if there is any of you other melbournians out there post a reply
Another Melbournian here. There is quite a few of us on Cael :)
Khaz Goroth here, come join us. "THE AUSSIES" is the largest server guild :D
I'm from Melb CBD but on Cael server....have toons on both factions. You'll find there are are a few in Melbourne in Caelestrasz
melbourne here to =3 frostmourne/barthilas player!
why do you ask? =3 looking for possible real life friends!!!?
i lone for the day i can finally make a friend.
Weirdo Victorians jeez !! - all stalkers
Another Melbournian but i'm on Thaurissian and find it hard to change realms on the account of having a tonne of BoA, 2 85's and many golds.. so much golds..
Im not melbourne.. but im only 10 hours drive away o.O
melb here.eh.. nagrand. was on medivh pre bc.. maybe some from there..but all good..
-ilus ^

You still play, Ful? I know a few Melbournians who play. Think they were on Cael and Dath.
alot of melbournians on Dath
WOO AMERICA FK YAH! Just sayin..
I'm also another Melbourne resident. I've been trying to find a guild on my server on the horde faction who raid at 8-11ish AEST. I can't raid with my current guild. They're all from WA :(
Our guild is trying to form a core group to run some of the easier raids to gear up members including me and help others who havent don't them before aswel, great group of people, so if you want drop by on Thaurissian..
yeah im from Melb, just got back into wow after a 3 year break, im on Area 52 now but plan to transfer in the next couple of days, just lookin for the right server with Aussies on it, Melbourne even better, been running 85 dungeons flat out trying to gear up as much as i can by myself to finally hit up some raids, but clearly Area 53 isnt my time zone, ive just got to doin heroic and missus is away for 3 weeks haha so il be running as much as i can while she is away, might have to come check out Thaurissian, my main is a 85 restro druid
MC internet all day erry day... why don't I just buy a damn computer already
Greetings alas I am some-what rather a noob to this game & really don't have much of an idea of what I should be doing etc...

I am based in Melbourne Australia & would really appreciate some help / guidance on what to do , if Some-one would be so kind as to take me under there wing so to speak and play with me & guide me that would be hugely appreciated !!!

Thank you

Yours hopefully


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