How do you get glyphs going?

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When I reached level 50, I noticed that the Glyphs section was unlocked. It says to pick a glyphs, click ..etc. My problem is, how do you select a glyph spell? I tried left and right clicking, but nothing worked. It's got me baffled. Help!
Glyphs are items that you inscribe in your glyph slots to augment your existing abilities, they're not spells.

First you learn the glyph, then go to the glyph menu (I think it's under your talents on a tab) and place the glyph in one of the slots which matches the glyph's type; major, minor, or prime. Then the glyph will take effect. All they do is change your current abilities slightly, so you probably won't notice much.
Thanks for your reply. I've been WoWing for two months, so is there a glyph trainer for learning them?
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Thanks for your reply. I've been WoWing for two months, so is there a glyph trainer for learning them?

Glyphs are produced with the inscription profession. So you either make them yourself, get them from an inscriptionist, or get them on the ah. Once you have it just right click to learn.
Glyphs are physical items created by players with the Inscription profession. If you don't have the inscription profession or know a scribe friend, you'll have to buy the glyphs off the Auction House.

Look through the glyphs, choose the ones that are relevant to your spec, and then look them up for purchase. Some have level requirements, and some are quite expensive if they're harder to make or very popular glyphs.

Once you get a glyph, you use the item to learn it, like a recipe. From that point forward, you will always know that glyph. Then you apply it to your glyph page like Tkatii described.
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We prefer the term "scribe".
Thanks Tkatii and Cerylia - now I've got it!
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We prefer the term "scribe".

Semantics. :P
We prefer the term "inscriptionator".
I prefer "Inscritoscribeonatorbrodude".
are you sure its a glyph you can use, op? right-click should get it ready to be plugged into the slot. unless its wrong level or wrong class etc.
I believe the op was trying to select glyphs that they had not yet purchased and learned.
Prime glyphs are normally direct, flat damage increases to your main damaging abilities. They can also provide significant changes to a certain spell, modifying it enough that it would be overpowered as a major or minor glyph.

Major glyphs usually apply to abilities that are not your main damage spells, but instead enhance a utility spell or a cooldown. Some common benefits are cooldown reduction, range increases, mana reduction or giving a personal cooldown a little extra utility when cast on another player.

Minor glyphs are all convenience. They can make your self buffs last longer or cost less, or give your spells or pets a different texture.
how do you learn how to "scribe"?
how do you learn how to "scribe"?

1. Start a new thread instead of necoing a one that's been dead for over two years and has a high probability of containing outdated info.

2. "Scribes" are folks who have taken the Inscription profession.
how do you learn how to "scribe"?

See how you have the mining and blacksmithing professions? There's one that's called "Inscription" that allows players to make glyphs (instead of making weapons & heavy armor from blacksmithing).
(I think it's under your talents on a tab) ---------thank you. i had trouble finding it. now i know where it is.

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