Priests: Show off your Transmog set?

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Here's mine; I thought it was suitably undead/shadow priesty.
Here's mine...
WTB matching helm for my Northrend Spellweave Regalia, aside from the ugly helm that covers the whole face.
I change up sets every now and then.... I both love and hate my current one. Oh damn this transmognonsense
I change mine every few days. Depends on what I want to wear or how I feel like.
I have 5 Embersilk bags full of stuff @.@
Rocking T6 atm, kind of wish I had a staff so I could use my apostle of argus.
How about mine? Rate 1-10
Here is my new all black all dark all evil theme transmog for shadow priest. Perfect balance of dark grey and black with a lil red on the belt that matches the big blue hair with the red headband <3.
Still low leveled, but heres mine ^_^ lol
My set be awesome, yo!

I constantly get compliments from random people.

I started with the shoulders (drops in The Black Morass) and picked the rest of the pieces to match the shoulders.

I look like one of those Chinese Red Dragons that you see dancing in the streets during the Chinese New Year.
i have horns. that's all that matters.
I was always a big fan of Spiritmend.

Next, I want to collect the full 346 healing cloth set.

Would you say that your HORNY, Tsilyi?

HA! The wit!
oh dear
Thats a nice set Tsilyi, where did you get the horns?
05/08/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Yóu
Thats a nice set Tsilyi, where did you get the horns?

if i told you i'd have to kill you.

Hi, i went with this tmog because it matches the Shoulder / Helmet with the Baby Blue glue, matches the robe / gloves + dagger

looks really nice in game than it would be by looking at my profile
i rlly like the blue set atm it goes well with my blue proto drake. i may change it back but as of right now its awesome. alot of priest i see run around in the avatar set it gets old if 50 priest use it. there are many sets that look good.
I like looking badass!
Here's my new set! Just need Valorous Shoulderpads of Sanctification to complete it. :)
favourite set of all time

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